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Thread: Intorducing the Nintendo 2DS..

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    Default Intorducing the Nintendo 2DS..

    Nintendo Announces 2DS - IGN

    Yes, I realize how utterly stupid this is. This is for parents who are too lazy to turn off 3D in parental controls. All of this is a dumb idea, I really wish this was a joke like I first thought it was.

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    Well that's....interesting. Good for kids with parents who don't want to manage a profile on their kids stuff, and I'm sure there's the "Migraine from 3D" crowd of adults who wish to purchase one of these as well.

    I still think a clamshell is a better design though, a flat shape will probably cause more of these things to get broken screens.

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    .... WOW. That's just... Nintendo...Really?

    I'm one of the "Migraine from 3D" crowd of adults and I saved up for the 3DS XL because you CAN turn off the 3D entirely. (It clicks into an OFF position on the slider) You don't need a new system for that...

    Also, Eulogy has a good point regarding the screens. Kids sit on the things sometimes. Heck, I'VE sat on mine inadvertently when I forgot it was in my back pocket.

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    I still have my original DS Phat from 2006... thing is still running strong for being 7 years old, and I replaced the shell a few years back.

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    Paxy i accidently dropped mine downstairs. and it didnt break. just the top screen lid thing was hanging off. lol

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    Yeah, I saw the 2DS earlier... I agree with everything you guys have said. One other thing I would like to point out: the price. This system apparently retails for around $130, whereas the 3DS is $170 and 3DS XL is $200. Seems like a cheaper alternative to be able to play 3DS games, although you miss out entirely on the 3D aspects of the games you are playing.

    It's a stupid design. They should have made it a less bulky design, kind of like the gameboy pocket, and they should have offered it in a few interesting colors. Rather than this...wedge?

    Edit: I also still have my DS Lite from a while back, that was a great design. Even the buttons had a greater feel and response than my 3DS has. I also prefer the volume adjuster on the DS lite.


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    They do this to make money. I just don't use the 3D because it's hard on my eyes. I also use parental controls.

    I still have my original DS and my husband dropped it a piece came off and now the top is loose but it still works. I also had a DS Lite but the touch screen didn't work well so I gave it to my niece. It worked but when you would touch the screen, it wouldn't act to where your pen was and it acted like you had it a few inches over so it made it harder to play some games and it made one of the Crayola mini games impossible to play. It also made Picross DS harder to play and Sonic Chronicles. if I touched a scquree to fill it in, it would touch the next square next to it instead of the one I was tapping. The touch screen censor was off.

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    Given that

    (a) It's cheaper than a 3DS
    (b) I can't stand the 3D anyway
    (c) I always use earphones when listening to a portable gaming device

    This would be very good for me, except for that form factor. It is about as tall as an unfolded 3DS/DSi, and as such, it won't really fit in a pocket, which is pretty much a deal breaker for me. If it folded up, it'd be fine, but it doesn't.

    Because of that, if/when I get a 3DS, it'll probably be the original 3DS. (The XL is also out because it's too large)

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    I really see no reason to purchase this. My original 3DS's 3D can be turned off by a switch, people ranting and raving about backwards compatibility are nuts. The 3DS could already play games from the previous generations of DS games.

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