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    If you clicked on this because you are a farmer than I take my hat off to you. Sorry I just think I needed a joke for an ice breaker.

    Anyway, I was reading some of the threads that have gotten really long. I am sorry if I may be the only one who feels like this but as a brony who knows I understand its best to let it be. People want attention and they think the only way they would get it is by stretching the truth. America and every country that has the freedom of speech has seen this truth in the media.

    It may be wrong and it may even hurt you that it exists on the internet. I know it does because I even been attacked on the net even for something as simple as my religion. I think the hardest thing to do is removing a book mark from your browser because you need to get off a forum or website that posts such hurtful things.

    May I say that these things they say cannot get any farther from the truth? All of you on here are special and I may not know all of you yet but for whose of you I do it is very encouraging and heartwarming to think I know such special people.

    Would it be so much as for me to ask that you quit reading these things that hurt you? If they are not putting it in your face or attacking you through email why look for them? You don't need a reason to feel bad because who you are is special to me. It bothers me to see any of you hurting because you read an article or news that could not be further from the truth. You don't need this so I ask from the bottom of my heart if it is not in your face like an email or IM then please don't read it.

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    Some are long and some have even went off topic.

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