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    I had hit a wall with not being able to stretch my imagination with my pony toys. I thought about giving AB/DL up several times. I looked around Amazon for a paci thinking I love me pinkie pie so much and I wanted to go further with her. I thought a paci would be it if I gave up all the other desires I had as an AB/DL. I ended up buying from Ebay. (Nuk 5)

    I came home today and today is one of three days my home care comes. Me and my home care assistant are real good friends and even though she knows my baby side I still don't feel comfortable with her seeing this side of me yet. So in short I had to wait for her to leave.

    As soon as she left I got my envelope that I got in the mail and opened it. At first I was A little scared to try it but then I sucked on the pacy and my pinkie pie in my arms and we are snuggling even now. I am not sure how I am supposed to suck my pacy but I am learning.

    I can totally see myself breaking those mental barriers now. The only thing though is I am having trouble thinking of how I should play with my toys. As strange as this sounds my biggest problem is coming up with different ways to play with my toys. Have any of you had this problem?

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    This reminds me of the beginning of this Hyperbole and a Half blog post. She describes it perfectly, in the beginning. That moment when you come to realize toys aren't all full of the magic they used to have when you were younger. The rest of the post is interesting if you want to understand what it feels like to have clinical depression.

    Anyway, for as ABs are concerned, all I can say is to tap into things that give you that sort of giddy excitement as an adult. Maybe it's the new episodes of Breaking Bad. Maybe it's the sequel to a book you're reading. Maybe it's an upcoming birthday bash that you can't wait to attend. Feel that giddy joy. Remember that feeling. Become acquainted with it all over again. The more you're familiar with an emotion, the easier time you have working with it (or past it, if that emotion kind of sucks, like anger or fear.)

    I don't think you can just bring back the magic of your youth all over again by trying really hard. It's not inside the toys, but inside you. If you can look at the world full of wonder, all over again, then you pull that feeling back. It might not come from the toys, even still, but it can come from you and you can use it while doing whatever you want or playing with whatever you want.

    So that's basically my best advice. Find your childlike wonder, love it and appreciate it and remember it, and let it grow in you all over again.

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    Yes I have a hard time playing with toys, especially really imaginative toys...

    Playing pretend is hard for me, it's not easy, even with our kid, it's hard for me to make up a story, or make up anything for playing...

    I can read a book, repeat a story I know, but just winging it I can't do...

    My gf does it very well, and I wish I could too...


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