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Thread: Wipes?

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    Question Wipes?

    So I was wondering, I've never used wipes. Till now, whenever I go #2 I take a shower. But if I'm going back to another diaper, maybe I should use baby wipes, but, do they really work well? Is it more or less of a pain than a shower? How is it doable if I can't see my... hummm... backside? Help? (sorry if it's a repeated thread, I don't know)

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    I think it's preference on cleanliness. I take a shower, I just feel better. Or you may use a lot...... Of wipes.

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    I don't use Wipes although I don't do the #2 thing, I just shower straight after using a diaper and just wash that area very well so I don't get rashes..been using diapers for over a year and not got a rash yet. :3

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    I think it depends on the wipes and the mess. Sometimes I get away with only using 3 or 4 wipes for #2. I use huggies one and done and they hold up great.

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    I would say that it depends on the situation. Sometimes wipes are just fine for the job. Other times, you really need a shower. They're good to have around for changes of any kind, so get some and see for yourself what works.

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    I have seen adapters that convert a toilet into a bidet, essentially its a hand held sprayer that you use to clean your dirty bottom. Could try it?

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    I use the wipes when I'm not in the position to shower. You can do a fairly good job. I use the larger "adult" wipes (though you can use the baby ones, you end up using a lot more of those smaller one).

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    Well, my fiance changes me, but we use Pampers brand wipes and they get the job done. The two pack usually lasts about a week and a half.

    Sometimes if I'm at home and it's particularly bad or messy she'll have me shower though, I have a special shower head my parents got me when I was younger for it.

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    Generally if I am changing into a other diaper, then I will just use wipes. If I am going out or am going to wear normal undies, then I will shower.

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    I dont mess diapers, its very not my thing. But i use babywipes when i go #2 on the potty. Toilet paper doesnt get you nearly as clean as baby wipes. I guess im really into being clean. They make flushable wipes so they dont hurt the environment.

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