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Thread: tai's back anyone miss me

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    Default tai's back anyone miss me

    That's right everyone I'm back. It's my birthday and I have returned from the teen banishment. Anyone miss me.probably not but still it great to be back here. A lot of things have changed here, including me. And I seemed to have lost all my friend from my list while I was gone.send me a link.

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    Although I can't say I missed you as I arrived after the teen basement was opened for business, I can say Welcome back

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    Hey tai i'm Little Leo i don't think we ever met so to speak but any way welcome back

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    Welcome back Tai! I'm glad to see another one that got caught up in that return. BTW happy birthday.

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    Hey there, welcome back!
    Im so glad you decided to come back, and I really hope you had a good time, even without ADISC.
    Happy birthday, and enjoy your stay... again :3

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    We missed you and good to have you back.

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    Welcome back tai! I saw the name and was like, hmmm, that's vaguely familiar, lol.
    It's a shame how the whole 'teen thing' went down, but I'm always glad to see people return from the unexpected hiatus. You mention you've changed, and I bet you have as you come into legal adulthood, heh. I hope things have been going well, and happy birthday, hehe.

    Again, welcome back.

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    Likewise, welcome back and happy birthday. I'm glad you did return, and maybe this will be a nice small present, being back on the site.

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