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Thread: Well..this is annoying...

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    Default Well..this is annoying...

    So, I got my sample pack of Medium Bambino Teddies (Since the Larges seemed too Large). While they fit me better length-wise in the diaper and I have a snugger fit around my legs without all the extra gaping/uncomfortable bunching - the waist is too small like everyone said, even though I'm in the size range. It's like I need a Medium middle and Large waist.

    I've gone through a pack of the Large - and I still can't get them on tight enough to be really comfy. I'm always worrying about leaks even though Bambinos are awesome at fluid retention.

    Seriously though...I want to know what exactly Bambino's uses as a sizing-comparison. This is nuts.

    Last night I was looking over at XP-Medical, since a lot of other AB's and DL's here seem to favor Abena's and I bought some samples.

    -Abri-Form Original
    -Abri-form Premium
    -Tena Slip Maxi

    Hopefully I'll find a brand that fits me better and I won't have to worry about leaks so when I'm working again I'll know what to stock up on.

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    Yep, this has been my experience with Bambino as well. I'm curious how it is they determined their size ranges, and I find them to be lies anyway. It seems like it actually got worse since the revisions, too.

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    I ordered samples of both the Molicares and the ones that say 'Baby' all over 'em, in medium. The waist is almost perfect (if maybe a lil bit loose) and the butt/upper leg area is nice and snug. BUT, there is wayyy too much material in the crotch area. Like...I could hide stuff in there and nobody would know. *laughs* All in all, though, they are super cute, imo.

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    I've never used Bambino and don't plan to. I think your doing the right thing by getting sample packs and trying the sizes before making a commitment to a brand and size.
    I myself like the Abena's and Tena Slip Maxi's. I'm using Abena M3's at the present time until Gary gets his shipment of Tena Slip Maxi's back in. I like the Tena Slip Maxi in large
    because of the rise. I also like the Dry24/7 but it will be November till there available again.

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    i just got some bambinos as well, and i was also surprised at how small the waist was on them.
    they fit me; i just wasn't expecting the tapes to end up so far to the sides.

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    I am glad I don't have to face these diaper issues. My body is right for it to not happen.

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