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    So I got to thinking. I'm not exactly an adult baby. I don't really care for diapers, wearing or messing, or age play. I am open to doing that stuff in later life if one persuades me enough, but I just don't have any interest. However, I find myself pretty much obsessed with pacifiers, baby bottles, and plushies or bears. Now that goes beyond the term "Pacifier Lover" which I identify myself with. So I would say I'm half an AB, I don't know though. I like baby stuff but I don't really care for regressing into a baby role. And I certainly don't do it to be "cool", I just happen to like *edit*(LOVE)*edit pacifiers, bottles, and some of my plushies. Mostly pacifiers though.

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    Okay... I'm not going to say just "blog post", 'cause that would be rude. Anyway, no attack here, and it has probably been said a myriad of times before: there are no strict definitions of being an adult baby. If you're not in it for the diapers, that's cool.

    Some people are in this for one or two aspects, while others prefer a more broad approach. That's okay. You don't need to age play to be an adult baby either, and once again: terminology is just semantics. Insiders use it so they can identify more easily, while outsiders use terms to label anything they don't know or understand.

    For myself, I like to wear diapers, but I don't have an overwhelming urge. My playtime mostly consists of cuddling with my plushies, wearing a dog collar and occasionally suckling my pacifier. I still call myself a babyfur (or, more accurately, a littlefur) anyway. I guess it's mostly what you feel fits you best. At the end of the day, we all know that if you've met one AB, you've met just one AB. We're all different and the labels are just words we all interpret differently.

    In short: do whatever you please and call it whatever you like

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    It may take you some time to define yourself and although you have already done so as a pacifier lover, you stated too that you think you might be half of an AB. I sense some confusion in you, however, does it really matter what you define yourself as? If anything, one should not define him/herself as anything but a human being. That is what we are all defined as.

    In regards to this fetish, there are many a sub categories which many people would choose to fit into themselves. They do this to give them an understanding of what they are interested in and more importantly, a name for themselves. Yes, a name, which may only be a few words means alot to us and defines who we are, even know we are technically defined as human beings, although from times gone and been it is the name that has defined us socially. Many people may feel pressured into choosing a name for themselves so they can fit into a group of others, but should you really care? No. We all have the same goal in sight, to become little again so that shouldn't matter.

    In regards to your situation, I would suggest that you think about what you want from this fetish and how you can incorporate it into your life to make you a better person. Choosing a name or title for yourself within this fetish may be tricky due to the social stamina placed on it. For example, an adult baby would be seen as someone who roleplays/acts like a baby or toddler. A diaper lover is someone who loves diapers but not so the adult baby accessories. The list goes on and it is you my friend who, if you want to, can make your mind up about what you call yourself or what you don't call yourself.

    Alot of people, including myself, started out as a DL which over time changed into an AB/DL who enjoy best of both worlds. However, on this note, just because someone wears diapers, doesn't necessarily mean then are just a DL. In their head they may think that wearing diapers makes them feel little and fills that void, so to speak. They are still trying to be an AB. Both an AB and DL merge together at some point, if you refer to my example above it will explain it better. Just because someone doesn't use diapers but uses pacifiers, doesn't mean they are are just an AB or pacifier lover, but again, could include themselves in any side if the spectrum.

    It is the accessories that we use that helps us to become little again, which, no matter what is being used, will get us there in the end.

    I wouldn't worry too much about what you want to define yourself as, the important thing here; is that you enjoy what you do, don't hurt others and it makes you a better person.


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    So that means you don't identify with being a young infant or toddler but someone who enjoys baby paraphernalia. I'm not all about labels, but you would still be reconized as an AB to me!

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