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Thread: How young do people know they're adult/teen/preteen babies?

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    Default How young do people know they're adult/teen/preteen babies?

    I only ask because I remember when I was 16 I was babysitting a 5 1/2 year old and all he ever wanted to do was play baby. He asked me to put him in diapers and give him a pacifier and the whole nine yards and he always wanted to. I felt sympathy for him as I was once like him and i was also the youngest so toilet a connection. But I never did any of that because I didn't think it appropriate and i didnt want to even touch that idea with a 10 foot pole. What would you have done in that situation and how young did you know.

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    I have memories that go back to age 3-4 on this subject. However, I think I probably remember them because I am ABDL rather than being ABDL because I remember them. If I was going to speculate, I would think it is more often tied to angst, embarassment, or a sense that the desire is wrong and this shame causes it to catch in our heads. I didn't feel really moved to act on it with conscious schemes until I was 11 or so, and even then I could see it might have passed as a short term fancy.

    I think I was inclined to kinks of one kind or another, so I don't see it as all that important. If I had a child who expressed an interest in that kind of play, I'd go right ahead and let them play it out, expecting that it would pass soon enough (as a sitter, I think you made the right call but it might have been worth mentioning to his parents to get a clearer directive). Children have all kinds of wild desires and I would bet a lot that many people who have no drive to be ABDLs have experiences in their past that are essentially the same as ABDLs. I don't think the experiences are necessarily all that rare, it's our reaction or fixation upon them and that's the mysterious bit.

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    I remember trying to put a nappy on when i was 6 years old over at my cousins she was 2 i remember taking the nappy and running up to her room but as i was trying to put it on my dad come in the room Busted never did get to wear it. But i Did make up for it when i was 10 i got a nappy from my mum's friend she had a son and i stole a nappy from there and i got to wear it with out been found out. 15 years latter still wearing lol and happy. So i was very young but the feeling would come and go it was not till i was 14 that the feeling really kick't in that i wanted to wear nappies. Hugs Leo

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    His dad did find out because the kid mentioned it one time as I was leaving. And I remember the next time I went over to babysit I asked him if he still wanted to play baby, as I let him do it just not with any sort of props he just crawled around and did baby talk, but he said he can't do that any more and he looked sad so I think his dad must have been harsh on him about it. And after that day i never babysat again for them as I had school and got a real job next summer.

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