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Thread: Do you think one or both of your parents knew or at least suspected you were an adult/teen baby when you had never told them?

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    Default Do you think one or both of your parents knew or at least suspected you were an adult/teen baby when you had never told them?

    Do you think one or both of your parents knew or at least suspected you were an adult/teen baby when you had never told them?

    just thinking back to my dad. he must have knew i drunk out of baby bottles. i mean i was 13 and i had real bottles for my dolls. and i would fill them up with milk so i could "pretend to feed them" when i would then drink it myself and leave the empty bottle next to the sink for my dad to wash.

    he noticed the dummys he had gotten me for my big doll Louise spent more time in my mouth than the dolls. and i had a princess bed until he died, with fairy lights around the window. he always read me a goodnight story. and i had so many teddys on my bed they took up more room than me!

    he never said anything about it. and never pushed me to "grow up" and stop playing with "baby toys" like my mum did,

    i was his little princess and i liked the weekends i spent there. im not sure what he made of my childishness. but just wondering...i think he knew i wanted to stay young. but im not sure if he knew i was a teen baby. because at that time even i didnt know. and it isnt something that alot of people know about properly.

    so do you think any of your parents suspected you were a bit...different...growing up?

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    I've asked my mum, who knows about my little side and fully accepts it, if she ever suspected that I was an adult baby or a diaper lover. The response was basically that she'd known I had a somewhat 'little' personality, but that she'd never suspected I was an ABDL.

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    I thought that my parents knew long before I told my mum (who gently told my dad), but it turns out that they didn't. What's even more amazing is how that I was able to carry around my teddy bear in the house and take it on holiday etc (I think they allowed it as a coping mechanism: I'm High-Functioning Autistic)

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    im high functioning autistic too x. aspergers n adhd. i think my dad let me because he knew my mum was denying me of any sort of childhood. so he thought id just grow up in my own time.

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    I know my mom knows even though she's never brought it up. I'm sure she also knows what I've been cleaning in the washer/dryer frequently and has easily seen a ton of my abdl stuff. Since I am 20 I'd rather talk about it if I must, otherwise it's best to stay silent and move out and let my parents enjoy life.

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    I... think maybe but they dont know the extent... they buy me lots of dvd's and vhs's of childrens cartoons... children type clothes... kids books... stuffed animals... suckers shaped like pacifiers.. I dont think they've found my bottles or paci's... but other than new paint and carpet my room has looked the same since I was 4, and i like to keep it that way... so i'm sure they know i'll always be a child... but they dont know how young of one

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    I have that deep dark disturbing fear that they already know. But if they do, then they obviously don't care. And it is nothing to be ashamed of, really, so the fear is really more about them finding out, I suppose. Or it could be the fear of them talking to me about it- how awkward would that be?

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    Intersting to hear about parents who obviously show their sensibility and intelligence and you (otacon, krone6, babymeggy, IndianaJones, cgh) received a gift!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pein View Post
    i dont know...but i wouldn't be surprised if they did.
    I have the same thought. I know my mother found things a couple of times, but not much was ever said.

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