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Thread: How anthro do you prefer your characters?

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    Lightbulb How anthro do you prefer your characters?

    When it comes to furry character what level of anthropomorphism do you enjoy most?

    I lean deeply toward feral myself. I don't mind anthro ones of course but I still prefer feral ones. The more feral, the better. When it comes to anthro characters I prefer ones that aren't very human-like.

    I always hated when people gave animals breasts, especially non-mammals. "Hair" is also something that I'm not fond of but it's only a real concern when it looks out of place; like Sally's pre-redesign from Sonic or basically any fursona with scene hair. I don't like when longer hair is drawn but short hair is just fur.

    In behavior I prefer them not being 100% human. "Furry reminders" are always fun. Clothes are fine but when animals start having a nudity taboo it gets a bit awkward for me.

    Basically I'm into The Secret of NIMH style mice when it comes to anthro, rather than Arthur style animals.
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    I tend to lean a bit towards the feral side, but I'm keeping the awesome leopard mullet.

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    Anything that doesn't belong to the animal like human breasts, human hands, stuff like that. But I'm okay with stuff like human clothes and hair.

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    I tend to lean more anthro, 2 legs, breasts on mammalian females, human style hands (flexible on number of fingers, but prefer closer to the number matching the number of "toes" on the forepaws).

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    Depends on if my character is supposed to be realistic or toony. I lean towards Anthros that stand upright, but as for anything else it all comes down to the personality of my character.

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    I do like the bipedal, mostly human anthros. I like the standing, the clothes, the paw hands and that is it. I don't like anthro/human hair. Never looked natural or right to me.

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    For me, it really depends on the character. I don't really have a "level of anthro-ness" when it comes to characters. If I like them, I like them. For my own Fursona - that's a different story. (Can't move very well when not in a fursuit, so I have to believe that in my circumstances - a full suit would hinder the process even more. )

    Some of my favorites and what they are from:
    -Felicia (Darkstalkers)
    -Morgan (Darkstalkers)
    -Aisha Clan-Clan (Outlaw Star)
    -The Baron (The Cat Returns)
    -Muta (The Cat Returns)
    -Merle (Escaflowne)
    -Basically the ENTIRE show of Swat Kats (cause...Swat Kats...its a world of anthro cat-people, with a few other things thrown in (Metalikats, Dr. Viper, Dark Kat, The Pastmaster)'s awesome)
    -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    -Entire show of Sonic The Hedgehog (The good one, from 1992)
    -Warrant Officer Schrodinger (Hellsing Ultimate)
    -Liza Wildman (Princess Ressurection)
    -Yoko (Tactics)
    -Sherlock Hound (Entire Show)
    -The Rescuers/Rescuers Down Under
    -The Great Mouse Detective (Entire film)
    -REDWALL (Books and the TV Show, OMG )

    ...I need to stop. I'm stopping now! This list could go on and on...

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