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    I think I'm a tad bit addicted to the internet. I can't seem to manage my time proparly, and I'm having a tough time getting off my ass to study or finish homework (I have a 10 page report due monday, and I've barely started).

    Maybe it's not a "true" addiction. It's not preventing me from hanging with friends or going to school or getting excercise. But it certainly is a big time waster. when I get on my computer it's like I feel a sense of euphoria.

    When I intend on studying for a test, I always somehow end up on the internet. "I'll just browse for a bit," I say to myself. And then I end up browsing the night away.

    Anyone else addicted? Know any ways I can fix this? It's just too much. Maybe I should ask to get banned from ADISC for a while...

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    Get off the f***ing internet and write some s***!!!!

    Sorry, but it's true... That's the only way.

    If you are so guilty, give your computer's power coard to a friend and don't let him give it to you untill your habits improove. Or give him the Ethernet cable if you need to write on the computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me :p View Post
    Get off the f***ing internet and write some s***!!!!

    Sorry, but it's true... That's the only way.
    It's not working though!

    Seriously, appreciate the motivation.

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    i feel the same way sometimes. u have to turn the computer off. sometimes i force myself to do my homework in the library away from my computer

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    It is a true addiction; I have it too.
    You could have a friend block your favourite sites with a password.
    Now gtfo and read a book.

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    Since this thread is now useless, I'm not addicted to the internet it is just better than other stuff I have to do. And by internet I mean Internets + games. I just do Bish work on school BS and then puter it up, works fine for me.

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    I'm quite addicted to the internet and computers but computers are my field of study in college so it kinda goes hand in hand sometimes though i just have to turn the computer completely off and tell myself it will not come back on the rest of the night even to check e-mail or my online games i play.

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    I'm old and addicted to information, and I spend at least 8 hours a day on the net, and watching TV though I mostly just stare at the computer and reading.

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