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  • I was the only child

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  • I was the oldest of the family

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  • I was the youngest

    38 32.20%
  • I ranked somewhere in the middle

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Thread: Rank in the family

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    Default Rank in the family

    So many factors might have a some role for being later ABs or ABDLs... Let's see if there is a trend with plain ranking...
    1. I was the only child in my family
    2. I was the oldest kid in the family
    3. I was the youngest
    4. I ranked somewhere in the middle

    Obviously, there are so many other possible factors...

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    I'm middle plenty of times I felt left out.

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    I was the only child in my family. It was funny when I was younger my mom actually asked me the what if question about having another kid. Selfishly I said I would be happier being an only child but now when I think about it, I might actually look forward to have a sibling.

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    I am the oldest in my family - one younger sister.

    However, I think my AB/DL tendencies are because of wetting the bed when I was somewhere around 8 to 11. I don't think family 'rank' had anything to do with it.

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    i was an only child. I have to agree with Denise, i dont believe my rank had much to do with it. I think it all comes down to the type of relationship you had with your parents which can and most likely is affected by your family rank. My dad left us when i was young and i guess that made my mom want to have a very close relationship with me. Problem was i had to grow up really fast for her and live up to her standards and if i didnt she wasnt very understanding. Our personalities and beliefs have also never meshed well so that kinda drove us apart. I think thats what caused me to be how i am.

    But i dont blame her, it couldve been a worse upbring than it was and i still turned out alrite. I also love being a little so i guess i hold no grudge even if i do wanna throw something at her sometimes lol shes my mom i still love her.

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    Middle child. Younger Brother, older Sister. Plenty left out, although I'm not certain that's where my AB tendencies came from.

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    I am the middle child, one older brother and one younger sister. While I don't attribute my birth order to any AB tendencies I do sort of fill the middle-child stereotype, seems I managed to find more peculiarities than either of my siblings.

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    I'm the oldest of two. I was barely potty trained by the time my sister was born, so that may have had something to do with it....

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