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    Hey gang, im going to be moving into a house with a few lads from my american football team and was wondering if any advice could be given about living with others when you and AB.

    Now its not the first time i have lived away from home, its like the third time. The first time i was in a kind of purge mind frame so i didnt need to worry about that side of me. The second time i moved out i was living with my ladyfriend so when ever the urge hit there was no problem.

    So yeah just wondering if there is any advice you guys could give to someone who has accepted himself for who he is and wont likely be purging anytime soon, on living with normies.

    Thanks guys

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    Are you going to have separate bedrooms and also bathrooms? If you have separate bedrooms you probably be limited to that room where you might have privacy. Hope it has a lock on
    the door. The other problem will be getting your diapers in and out of the house. You better feel out your living conditions before you start on your AB/DL pursuits.

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    Well let's see: first of all you are posting from Ireland, so I assume that you're Irish. But when you speak of "American football" over there do you literally mean football as we play it here? Or are you speaking of a football club made up of Americans? This could be relevant only because...and this is a stereotype but it has a grain of truth in it...American-style football players, at least in this country, have been known to get a bit caught up in the whole "macho" image. With that in mind, it could cause significant difficulties should they discover your...proclivities. Soccer players can be macho too, but at least the stereotype isn't quite to the extent of American football players.

    Now, let's see though. She's speaking of stereotypes, you say. Yet the stereotype of ABDL would probably make most people on this website cringe. So why speak of stereotypes at all? Fair point. Glad you asked.

    I honestly don't believe in stereotypes in general. In most cases they are foolish, relying on (at best) outworn concepts. And of course there are a lot of sensitive jocks. But it is not a profession/type that is known for it, and as a teacher I am around these young men in teen years, and can easily state that--as a group--they are likely to be less sensitive than other groups. Not out of malice. Not even out of ignorance, in most cases. Out of fear, perhaps, that they will be judged by association to be weak. Weakness is their Achilles Heel.

    Please don't get me wrong: many of my friends have played football. Many of my favorite students do too. But trusting random football players to be fine with potentially embarrassing personal secrets? I would not recommend that course of action with any group of people you did not know well, but this might be the very last group I'd think of. So how to live with them: I'd advise a bit of caution. Get to know them better first; find out just how accepting of strangeness they are, before you even consider any thought about opening up to them. In the meanwhile, it is not inconsistent with self-acceptance to also be self-aware and self-preserving. You do have a reputation, I assume, that you'd like to keep, and it probably doesn't include diapers. Buy your diapers, if possible, at times when you know they will not be there. Try to get them in an opaque bag and bring them straight into your room, always putting something else on top of them in the bag. Then you can indulge your fantasies to your heart's desire in the confines of your own bedroom.


    Screw it. Get everyone drunk as hell on Guinness and say something like, "Look, guys, I think that, since we're all going to be living together, we should be open with each other. So let's each tell one really embarrassing secret." You may or may nor ever get to hear theirs, but it should be an interesting few minutes of drunken repartée. And if it doesn't go well, with any luck they won't remember it in the morning...

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    @ oleman, yup i have a private bedroom but its a common bathroom, the lock is going to be a must i agree, hadnt thought of that so thank you. im not to worried about getting them into the house as at the moment i have a stash so i can make that last and if worst comes to worst i could probably get them delivered to my gf's house and pick them up there. although she reads this forum from time to time so i should have a talk with her

    @ ICKaraokegirl, first off love karaoke Yep its american style football, pads and all and i am irish born and bred. I dont like stereotypes either but i think for this conversation it may work. Strangely the stereotype is different here, the soccer players are the jockier ones by stereotype. American football is not too popular here, its growing but at the moment there is no real stereo type. there is a wide range of people from social outcasts (wow that felt harsh just typing it) to rockers to jocks to people you would not like to end up down a dark alley with. The two im moving in with im not to sure about, one is a bit of a, hmm i dont know what the equivalent stereotype is but we call them southsiders, the are well off have a weird accent and party it up. the other is just a normal bloke although he can be a bit relentless in his teasing, i dont know if he is a bully but sometimes his jokes can be cruel. But they are really nice lads i get on with them but i dont know them to well, i dont think i would be comfortable letting them know about this side of me. although i do like your getting them drunk idea, but one flaw in it didnt you know that irish people dont get drunk on guiness, we just get more irish

    As regards to my reputation on the team, im that nice quiet chap off the field and the guy who gets stuff done on the field, so its not something im particularly bothered by, when i was in school i was on the rugby team, but didnt fit in and was bullied for a bit. But on the pitch total different story. so yeah rep is not something that bothers me anymore. with that said i would be crushed if football was taken away from me..... ok now you have me pondering.

    I like your idea about the bag, normally i sneak them in in a sports bag (To my parents house, but they know about me) and you can tell i have something in the bag considering it looks like a giant cube with the diapers in it, so maybe and opaque bag with cloths on top could just be my laundry.

    Thanks for the ideas guys you have me thinking

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    You seem to have a good head on you so with the advice you've got and a bit of common sense you'll be fine. Can always say it's to protect the jewels. Wouldn't want a lineman landing on them. And football is definitely getting more popular. checked out a few Iafl-1 games this year.

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    Wow cool man if you dont mind me asking which games did you check out? And here i was thinking i was the only irish fella who was interested in american football and nappies.

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    I've seen Drogheda, Dragons, and Kildare play. And listened to a Waterford game on their radio station. Feel free to pm me.

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