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    Thought i would post this to help members out who are looking for a realistic highchair suitable for adults. this site in the US has some ready made ones that appear to have the right size. Especially the wooden ones.
    However, they will custom make to your requirements. And i think if you asked for standard pine in kitset form, the price would dramatically reduce.

    the site is Highchairs | Baby High Chair |

    I hope it will be of help to someone on here.

    ps. Also, if anyone want custom made bibs or clothing, i can put you on to a lovely lady in the USA who will make anything you like.

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    Thanks for the link to that site DAVES4000. I've bookmarked it. I want to look it over closer when I have more time. From what I've seen, there are a lot of styles that bring back
    memories of when I was a young one. That's what I had was a wooden one with the hinged tray.

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    Hi Daves4000
    Thank's for the post!
    Already sent an email to inquire about customized high chair...
    Does your lovely lady has a website or ebay site?

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    Hi there,

    No she doesn't... i just email her with what i want and she goes out of her way to do it... so good. SHe is happy for me to give her email address should anyone
    want to email her for an enquiry..
    I would prefer anyone to do a personal email to me and i will pass on the address ok. that way she won't get bombarded with crap email.

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    Hi there,

    I have also emailed them with a basic enquiry giving size etc based on a kitset form and not painted. Interesting to see what they come back with.
    But i did notice from a couple of their wooden chairs that the sizes seemed like they would actually be pretty good. Shame they are expensive, but hey, where else
    can you get one that looks like the real thing only bigger.

    good luck with your reply also and i would be interested to hear what they say to you... i will also post on here the response i get.

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    When you dig further into the site there are a lot of items that are available for AB's. There's bedding and beds up to full size. There's other items that would work for room decorating.

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