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Thread: vicious neighbor in Canada

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    Default vicious neighbor in Canada

    I heard they story earlier this past week about a mother and her autistic son
    receiving a hateful letter about the boy being autistic and making noises and
    this neighbor felt that the boy and his mother should move or have the boy
    i can't even comprehend suggesting something like that!!
    this neighbor is obviously ignorant and intolerant of other people that are different from them
    what is this world coming to?

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    I read the same thing. As a person with a disability I find it sad that someone would say those things.

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    I forwarded that story on FB. It is stunning in its lack of respect for a fellow human being. It did have an upside though: the entire neighborhood came out to show support for the boy and his family.

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    This happened in my neighbourhood. As typical with these cases, it was the action of a Lone, anonymous individual and certainly not representative of the community. The media was really good in reporting it as a deranged individual and took the opportunity to educate the general population about autism.

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    I'm not aware of anything like that happening recently in the UK, but I have come across people with a similarly bigoted mindset It does feel a little deadening to hear all this stuff going on (the world is a bad enough place as it is), but it was good that the community showed their support for the family - it shows there are at least some people out there with a good heart

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indianajones View Post
    I'm not aware of anything like that happening recently in the UK,
    i am. not quite so nasty as the .ca incident, but a demonstration of a complete smug ignorance. it happened on a train journey back from the big shitty city (yay! i saw my second-ever shrink!) and involved a reined, obviously retarded young girl (by the looks of it, she had the mental age of a toddler; but was toilet-trained, before anybody gets any 'ideas') and a chavita/white-trash teenaged girl who passed some comments to her companions about the young girl being reined.
    judging by her companions' lack of response, they knew a little bit better; certainly better in the sense of 'there but for the grace of god go i' or 'don't tempt fate'. i make that point because as obvious was the retardedness of the young girl, was the one-step-away from being the same or similar of the teenaged girl (if her mis-shapen head and bespectacledness is anything to go by) and i'd say there's a good chance that her offspring may have something wrong with them, if, as and when.
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    Ya I saw this story on Glenn beck and heard the whole letter it was absolutely terrible glad twas not me or I would have knocked on every door in the neighborhood asking who wrote it and who was willing to help me kick the snot out of the person who wrote it sad to say this is where society is heading and all the talk of being accepting of others is flat out false

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    As someone who is autistic myself I find stories like these disheartening and disgusting because I have never run into that kind of behavior- other than the odd bullies when I was in school. I hate hearing stories like that but I do like hearing that people are rallying around the kid and individuals who got the letter to their defense. I hope the person who sent the letter learns the error of their ways.


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    I hope they find and arrest this person that wrote that letter.
    they could pose a danger to that boy and his mother
    hate speech can lead to hate crimes.

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    I see nothing wrong with the letter as long as it stays just a letter. Is it nice? No. Is it necessary? Absolutely not. But there's nothing wrong with it if it's just the letter. People just aren't always nice. It's a fact of life. Now people have more balls to write what they think. I think that's a good thing overall. Sometimes you get bad apples, but there's always better.

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