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Thread: crapping myself! (not literally, more in worry/panic/fear!) HELP!!!

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    Default crapping myself! (not literally, more in worry/panic/fear!) HELP!!!

    now my room is a bit of a mess normally. not bad, just like clothes n unmade bed n makeup etc. anyway currently it looks like a bombsite thanks to my frantic hurried searching of my key. i have told my mum ive misplaced my key. she has said its probably in my room somewhere. now im worried she will go and look herself. im sleeping out tonight. so i kind of needed my key. im worried she will find my drynites n dummys n sippy cup. ive hidden them at the back of my wardrobe, behind the coats hung up, in the box my laptop came in. i got it in may. and my mum assumes ive kept the box incase i need to return it. which was the reason at first, but now i use it to hide my things...or she will find the spare pack i have hidden at the top compartment of my wardrobe, which is difficult to get to because its high up.

    im really crapping myself incase she finds my things, what are the chances of her finding them?

    and if she does what should i expect when i go home tomorrow???

    Help please!!!

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    She won't look in a box that's months old unless it looks used, but it's well hidden anyway, I wouldn't worry about it. If you are far too worried you could always fib and tell her you found your keys in your bag or coat via text. So long as someone's home when you need to get in there should be no problem in this little white lie so-long as you find your keys when you get home.

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    Have your self a problem you do. Well im not really sure what you can do. 1 you can take your stuff with you to night not sure if you have a car you can put them in. 2 you could not go out but that would be a bit silly. 3 you mum may not even look and you have nothing to worry about. If she dose go looking at finds your cute stuff well im not to sure what you can say the drynites may be you can say you have had a problem with bed wetting or a water infection. As for you binky well i'm not to sure how you would get out of that one. Safe to say busted i think. I wish you best of luck. Super hugs Little Leo

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    I doubt she will look in a place that one would normally not place their keys. She may check pockets or tables/surfaces in your room and the immediate surrounding areas, but if your stash is well off the beaten trail it's very unlikely she'll search there. Unless she's a snoop. I don't know her so I can't say.

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    my mum is a suspicious woman, doesnt trust me atall. because i lied about being on some site when i was 13 and i ended up almost getting raped and the police came round saying my pictures was on something theyd found in this persons computer. i was a niave 13 year old and i cant remember what happened as to why i took those pics. but i did and ever since she has refused to trust me.

    so if she goes looking in my room she will search top to bottom.

    so what can i expect when i return home? ive already left n no car.

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    Hmm well hard to say only you know your mum. Safe to say tho trying to make her understand may be tricky but then again i don't know your mum. But i'm sure your be fine don't worry your little self over it. Leo

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    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. If she confronts you, the truth is better than a lie UNLESS you think you will be turned out or worse. If you do lie, keep it simple and believable. I can't give you a specific lie to use because I don't know what your mum would believe, but remember, the more complex the lie, the harder it is to maintain.

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    littleleo seems to be a bit melodramatic, she may be a snoop but even she's not going to be justified checking a box inside your wardrobe (that may or may not be covered in dust) for keys you lost yesterday. Seriously it looks like a white lie might be your best option, but I don't think she'll go through your wardrobe, everything on your bed, desk, floor, bedside cabinet, all your draws you might have used in the past day or so, the rest of the house, the pockets of all your clothes maybe, random boxes, probably not. But 1 thing is guaranteed if she does it, you'll have a clean room.

    Anyway she might be too embarrassed to even ask you about it, and when she does I always find the gross-out factor works when my mom and dad talk about stuff relating to my sexuality, ask her would she ask you about a dildo she found in your room followed by an "I'm 18 stay out of my stuff" and leave it at that.

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    It sounds like you shouldn't be hiding things then if you've already been caught in previous lies (i don't advocate lying, but if you choose to, don't get caught) she has every right to be suspicious. Since you've already left there is nothing you can do unless you plan on calling to let her know you have diapers and other baby things in your room. You can expect one of two things. 1. She has either found them and will confront you about it. 2. She will not have found them and won't confront you about it. o.o But I do hope your key is found, in either event.

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    im not lying to her. simply not telling her about this part of my life. its a very private part or your life and im not exactly comfortable telling my mum, because before long all my family will know and i will either be out of the family or any time im around them it will be an awkward and uncomfortable situation.

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