well first of all I would like to say I'm glad tbdl is back (adisc). Glad to see a lot of familar faces. You don't know me, my name is Sammy, Sam for short. My screenname at the old website was the same as now. So a bit about me guys. I'm 19 (my last teen year *gasp*). Anyways, some things I like to do are watching movies or hanging with friends. I'm seen hanging out with all my youth group friends. If i'm not doing that, I am at school or working. Since I'm doing both full time I really am busy all the time. Which I don't mind being. Life aint boring that's for sure. I can't really remember when I started liking diapers and the whole TB thing; maybe around 10, I remember moments when I felt like I wanted to be a baby. Yet wasnt till I was like 14 that I can remember finding out more about these desires. Since then I've chatted with some pretty cool people around the same age who I could relate to. So its nice to have this place to find people who have gone through similar experiences who are pretty much regular people who enjoy other activites. So yea, hope to get know some of you guys more. Cya!