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    So, I'm considering working at the upcoming fair (I won't say which one) as a games attendant to make a few extra bucks while I'm still looking for a real job in my career field. The problem is that you can be stuck in the same game booth without help sometimes for a long time. If you gotta go, you can't just leave and run to the restroom. So, I'm wondering how feasible it would be to wear during the shift. I'm not a stranger to wearing under my clothes in public (molicare, abena, dry 24x7, even cushies) and nobody ever notices (or don't say anything if they do). I don't usually wear for more than a few hours at a time though.

    I am not female so I couldn't feasibly hide an extra in a big purse, so my second question is if you'd recommend a particular type for all day usage (without changing, I wouldn't mess), which would it be?

    I am not really concerned about discrete, except noise. I'm not worried about somebody seeing bulk.

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    Noise won't be an issue. Fairs are sensory overload. If you think there's a chance that someone you care about will pay attention to your crotch, rethink wearing diapers this time. Otherwise, don't worry about it. Wear underwear over your diaper. I'd really hope that as a non-IC person, one bathroom break is sufficient in a shift. So you can just rip it off if you get the chance and pull your underwear back up.

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    Well, I am not IC but tend to have to pee at least once every hour or so. My wife knows I wear, I don't expect to run into family (everyone is too broke for the fair) and anybody else I could care less what they think.

    As for the all day usage, I'm leaning toward wellness briefs or the ATNs. The ATNs are considerably cheaper for a case, but if I remember when I tried them I preferred the wellness briefs.

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    You mentioned not using a purse, but I don't think a backpack would raise any suspicions. In my town, half the people walk around with backpacks and nobody even notices, and they come in all sizes. I always have a spare diaper buried away.

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    Lots of game attendants wear those waiter/waitress aprons around their fronts for holding money anyways. Would cover up the front of the diaper that would plump up after use. I say this might be one job where it would be not all that noticeable. (Still a little sketch though if you were to be caught)

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    Yea, a backpack might be feasible. Maybe it's just me getting older (27) compared to a few years ago, but I am just not that scared with getting caught. That doesn't mean I won't be reasonable in covering it though.

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