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Thread: AB clothes are a waste of money?

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    Lightbulb AB clothes are a waste of money?

    I was thinking the other day about some items I want to buy, and I realized something. Most custom cute ab items cost a bunch of money. If you spent that much money on a item, and can not wear it anywhere but your house, its basically a waste of money. Now I am not saying footie pajamas and stuff. That is night time stuff. AND NO I AM NOT SAYING WE SHOULD PUSH OUR AB CLOTHES IN EVERYONE'S FACE OUT IN PUBLIC. It's just a sad realization to know something you spent a bunch of money on, you can only wear a really short time. I know we have some cons and stuff, but to be honest I do not see ab/dl cons as big as others, and even still then I am sure most people probably do not even wear that stuff.


    This is just more of a like curious thought. I want to see how you guys think about these same thoughts, that is all. I wonder what comments I will get. Will I see comments about people trying to prove my point of view wrong, and I should think wearing any type of ab clothing in public is utterly wrong. Even if its just a cute t shirt that is no were related to ab stuff. Although I could see people thinking about this and wondering the same thing. I also want to see if the people I am thinking will respond, will respond. I might even see some people saying that you have more free time to wear those items then you think. Maybe some even saying all abs wear them to cons. I also see people saying that since you got enjoyment out of it once that it is not a waste of money. I don't know what is like going on. I am just like extremely curious about this.

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    Tough question - well actually the question was easy, it's the answer that isn't.

    To me, the question of whether AB items are too expensive or not is the same as any other item you are going to purchase.

    If your microwave starts acting up - do you purchase a new one or make do with your current microwave? If it eventually stops working altogether - do you get a new one or do you do without?

    In a roundabout way, I am saying everybody is going to have a different opinion due to his or her current circumstances. What to you may be too expensive, someone else has no problem with.

    I have often brought items (non-AB) that my parents thought I was crazy to get. To me, they were a good value, to them they weren't.

    Personally, I think most (certainly not all) AB items are priced about what they should be. Would I like AB items to be cheaper - of course (after all: wouldn't it be great if ALL my expenses went down 25% and my income went up 25% )

    With that said, there are a number of AB items I would not get because they are too expensive for my tastes and circumstance.

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    Yes, they are, but, it's nice. To be able to put on some lovely feeling AB clothes, I know it offers me a feeling of serenity, and peace. Yes I agree, and yes I'll continue to buy my dresses, diapers, frillies etc

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    The ab clothing company's such as Baby pants, Cushy bums etc. Make clothing like onesies for the most part. You also have to think about if you were out in public only wearing a diaper and onesie and I mother walked by with her child. The mother could call the police and file charges for assult and or Pedophile . It doesn't matter onesie, romper or pretty much anything else, except a short tail with or without an over sized baby shirt( I can see that as allright .)

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    And so this thread takes the turn that I thought it would, even though I clearly stated what I meant. *sigh*

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    really its a personal opinion i would like to get some but i agree they r really expensive so i try find the cheapest ones i like

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    I onyl mentioned the high cost for a ab item to show more drama to the thread. Its more about how buying ab clothing is a waste, because you can not wear it that much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kratox View Post
    And so this thread takes the turn that I thought it would, even though I clearly stated what I meant. *sigh*
    I know what you meant. The question is, do you get enough out of your baby clothing wearing it indoors or at limited engagements? If so, not a waste of money. If you feel you could do without or can't afford to shell out that much, that's understandable. If I had more income I'd have more of an AB wardrobe. I don't, so I am limited to what I can buy cheap and what I can make.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kratox View Post
    I onyl mentioned the high cost for a ab item to show more drama to the thread. Its more about how buying ab clothing is a waste, because you can not wear it that much.
    Wear it as much as you can get away with, then, and don't buy a ton of it. Just what you feel you need to express your AB side.

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    It's really dependent on situation when you can wear that kind of stuff. I myself make my own AB/DL clothing because;

    1) I don't like having to broad around my sizing to specific size when it comes to stuff like this.
    2) I find it cheaper to make my own/modify that kind of clothing to make it more "littler" than having to pay for more expensive types of clothing like that
    3) I have a bit more satisfaction in making it myself.

    But, really, despite that, it's all really considering on certain situations when you can wear it. If I was able to I would probably wear some modified short tails/overalls, a cutely designed tee and some sockies whenever I could around the house for just the feeling of helping that little headspace I have seem more "real".

    But yeah, as long as you actually WEAR the stuff, it's not a waste of money, it's like any kind of clothing you own but usually don't wear, it's there and you know you can wear it, but on some days you just don't feel like it (or in this case just can't due to the situation not allowing you to)

    And of course there's the obvious reasoning of negative possibilities happening due to wearing out in public, because unless your planning a private meet-up/munch with other AB's, it's not really fitting to wear in public, especially given our image x.x

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    Seeing as majority of custom baby clothes come from America (I'm in UK so shipping fees are huge) I only buy what I look at and think I have to have that and if it means saving the pocket money up, when I finally get it you appreciate the work someone's gone into making it look so babyish and cute that it feels amazing to wear even if you only wear it a few times a month/year.

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