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Thread: Totally had the best day ever!

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    Default Totally had the best day ever!

    This morning my mother broke the news to me that... dun dun da dahhh... she is no longer having me pay her back the last $1,000 for my car (this came to happen after her feeling guilty about giving my brother her old car for free next year when she moves to Texas)
    Also, I saved hundreds of dollars today on my textbooks by renting them, and all are on their way in the mail.
    The guy I like who works across the street from me came into the store today to pick up a sandwich his coworker ordered.
    Work was really slow and quite fun.
    AND I just bought my first NUK 5 pacifier!!! I got it from ebay and it comes with a fire truck clip (it is great even though it is orange, a color that is not my favorite, because it was only $16.50)
    Tomorrow I am going to a party for my friend who is FtM and getting his top surgery in 5 days.
    PERFECT weekend!

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    Yay! Always celebrate the great days. They don't happen often enough and we need to recognize them whenever they do.

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    The paci just came in the mail today AND I cleaned out my truck. Not so great, I got one of my textbooks today and it is not what I expected.

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