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Thread: Aww So cute! My little review =^.^=

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    Default Aww So cute! My little review =^.^=

    Hi! I didn't want to thread jack someone else's question, but a few days ago I finally got my order of Aww So Cute! (ASC!) diapers. This forum has such great contributions from so many, that I thought I would do my part! And I know others have reviewed the diaper already, but more points of view is always good. In this case, My point of view is as an IC who is also ABDL.

    And YAY me I get to do Science! =^.^=

    I ordered medium, the smalles size they have, and is a bit large on me, but still fits ok. They came in a plain cardboard box. Very discreet. 10 per bag with Aww So Cute! printed in bold letters on the bags themselves.

    These compare well to Bambino Bellisimos. They both weight approximately the same (sorry, my scale died. =U.U=) Both have the same length and width padding, with a huge 200mm wide area between the legs.

    Both are about the same thickness. To get a good measurement, I left them folded, and laid a piece of cardboard ontop of them, then measured the distance between the cardboard and the counter. 46mm for ASC!, and 47 for the Bambino. I also measured the thickness of the plastic backing, on the wings near the tape. 0.15mm for the Bambino and 0.16 for the ASC!. Both have a thicker plastic landing area for the tapes.

    Dispite the ASC being slightly thicker plastic, its a softer material, and feels like it bends and flexes easier. its also less shiny then the Banbino, with an almost satin-like appearance. The inside of the plastic shell is lined with soft fuzziness, more so than the Bambino. It is comfortable enough against the skin to need very minimal powder for me.

    The outside is covered all over with an adorable print of bears in 2 colors of blue, along with grey and yellow bottles, blue and grey diaper pins, and blue and yellow dummies. I have not had any instance of the print wearing off at all, and had no experience so far with any pinholes, tearing, or other problems. The tapes grab as hard as bambinos, which I've found to be the best of any brand until now.

    As for the most important part, the padding. To Me, it feels softer than the Bambino, likely due to containing less SAP and more pulp fibers. That has its good and bad points, but it actually makes the diaper much more comfortable than a Bambino when dry. Although, weirdly, the diaper feels thicker between my legs than a bambino when dry, despite being the same approximate thickness. I have worn many now, and they all still feel this way.

    When wet the higher pulp soaks up the liquid A little faster than a Bambino and wicks it up the front and back a A little more. But with less SAP the moisture isn't locked in as well, and my skin feels the wetness more. That may not be a bad thing for an ABDL.You wet, and then you experience feeling wet, instead of wetting and not being able to tell at all. But as an IC its something that I have to be aware of, as its not good to leave wet on my skin for too long too often. Still, Its not much. I think its well balanced sensation.

    As for other biological functions, they work much like the bambino, Except the higher pulp helps absorb any liquidy content a little better. They only come in M and L, which is a size larger than I would normally wear, so that may skew the results a bit, but both work very well.... and just eww.. so moving on... =>.>=

    I wore my first one all day. It held up well through my morning exercises, and through a normal day's use with no clumping or leaks, and no press out while sitting. The plastic crinkles softly when uncovered, but under clothing it didn't crinkle that I noticed. When it came time to change for the night, the diaper was only moderatly swolen, and had no funny smells, I decided to test it's capacity by pouring a 300 mL glass of water down the front of it. None of that leaked out either. When I then sat on a towel, I could feel wetness at the leg gathers, but nothing actually pressed out.

    Being the curious kitty I am, I decided to try sleeping in one that night. And well, new diaper, so YAY! I just had to. =^.^=. They are very comfy to sleep in, and I had zero leaks during the night.
    I wore them the next day and the next night as well with similar results. They hold more than they need to with zero leaks.

    Yes, these things are expensive. And they are so close to Belisimos that I wouldn't be able to justify wearing them every day. But they are Cuter than Belisimos By a lot, and they make me feel cuter wearing them =^.^=. They're also a little more comfortable, and a little more fun, with a construction built more for the ABDL and less for the IC, but without sacrificing any functionality. These are absolutely my new Favorite diaper! In terms of ranking them on a scale from best to worst for an Incontinent person, I rank these #3, behind Dry24X7s and just a tiny bit behind Bambino Belisimo (which is my everyday diaper), and now ahead of Abena.
    But as an ABDL I rank these #1. So inspite of the cost, they are absolutely worth it!

    Seriously, If you're AB, DL, IC, or just curious about this whole diaper thing, you need to try this diaper. It costs more, but then the very best always does.

    And with all this, I have a complaint... They don't have any in Pink! =^.~=

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    A very nice review of ASC! diapers. I would say this is potentially article material. With the help from the articles mod and some pictures; this post would be a much needed addition to our diaper reviews section of the articles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Entity View Post
    A very nice review of ASC! diapers. I would say this is potentially article material. With the help from the articles mod and some pictures; this post would be a much needed addition to our diaper reviews section of the articles.
    There's already an article on this diaper in the review section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oleman72 View Post
    There's already an article on this diaper in the review section.
    So? I thought this was a very well written review. After reading this, I am thinking about buying them for the first time, I hadn't before.

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    Thank you! and YAY! You will like them =^.^=

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    Thanks for the review. I've been wondering about them. I might try and get me some soon.

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    Nice review! Thank you! I might order some in the future. But for now I have to use the Bambino Bellissimo and the Dry 24/7 diapers, which are both my favorite diapers! I use both for my overnights diapers and no leaks not a single drop. I am very happy with these diapers but I want to try some new diapers too.

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