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Thread: This guy again, seriously?

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    Default This guy again, seriously?

    Diaper fetishist strikes again. Tried to con 3 more caregivers.

    And I thought "Well, he won't try that again at least" I was wrong.

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    They need to lock him up and throw away key.

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    Or just find someone to change his nappies and be done with it.

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    this is why we get negative views on our community

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    And of course they found child pornography on his laptop... That's going to do wonders for us. -.-

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    At what point shouldn't a court find him mentally incompetent? He sounds bat shit crazy to me!

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    The sad thing a friend wanted to do the same thing. I worned him no .
    He is ab dl I met in my 20s .

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    Yes some people just use it as an excuse to get 15 seconds of fame, and yes it really hurts people like us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diapered Rabbit View Post
    Maybe Chelsea Manning can be his new "mommy" in Kansas!

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