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    i do this alot. and im wondering if anybody else does too.

    i will just switch randomly from little mindset to regular one. like earlier i was feeling little so i put on a nappy and i settled down with my teddy n kids tv. anyway i fell asleep n when i woke up i needed the loo. and i was wearing a nappy so i tried to go but i just didnt feel little anymore n i just couldnt. when im feeling little i have no problem what so ever going in my nappys.

    does anybody else do this? its more the switching quite quickly from little to big and how it affects me, like not wanting my paci anymore/inability to go in my nappy that confuses me.

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    Being little comes in so many different forms some like to play little some like the idea of being little and theirs the natural little that i may + is in all of us AB or not. For me its a natural feeling its apart of me who i am. When i come out of being little it happens slowly for me but every one is different so for you may be it is like a switch ON OF kind of thing going on its hard to say as i don't know you. Or may be your big self cut's in to keep you in balance between big and little. Some think i my self have had a little problem with over the last week or so. Like i said every one is different and finding what ever works for you is the best way forward. not shore if this has help't at all but their you go. Super hugs Little leo

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    I do get feeling this way on occasion, but usually the guilt of not using a perfectly good diaper drives me to using it, and then I clean myself up and use the potty next time.

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