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    Question Adult seating

    Looking for something with the padding, form fitting, and restraint of a child carseat that I can attach to my office chair and fit into. Any ideas?

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    You gave me the idea and I started to google search racing seats and I found this Office Racing Seats at now all you need to get are racing seat belt harnesses :3 something like this kind of expensive though. This would probably work too

    To answer your post question though. I'm not sure about padding but you could probably attach the racing harness to your chair.

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    Recaro racing seats, was the first thing that came to my mind...of your particular request...

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    Yes a nice racing seat is best, made for adults...

    When I raced I used butler built seats...

    Now for belts, I'd suggest scroth quick fit pro...

    They even have them for some cars that are dot approved...

    Anyhow the quick fit pro has a red tab to press in to open...

    Well, if you need a bit more security there is a small hole in the middle you can tap and thread in a small machine screw and they won't open up! I think like 6-32 thread...

    Don't use the screw unless you really don't want out...

    Btw: I have them a couple of vehicles...just front facing in a regular seat...but still nice and comfy...


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    Would get something like the Carrie Rover Stroller. Can fit into the small adult size according to chart. But they want like 2k for it :<

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeyman View Post
    Would get something like the Carrie Rover Stroller. Can fit into the small adult size according to chart. But they want like 2k for it :<
    Yes, hoes are expensive...

    I don't think my 5'11" and 233#'s will fit into a carrie seat...

    When i last had a dedicated car seat...Long ago...I don't know what brand...but was a race car seat...It had 5 point belts...and the buckles were in back of the seat...Can't reach around when your strapped in...

    Anyhow, On the carrie seat...try craigslist...Even e-bay...

    I bought my convaid cx-18 of craigslist last year for...


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    You can get a racing seat fairly cheap with some upholstery...,3566.html

    And you can easily get some seat belts and buckles from a salvage yard...


    They wouldn't be secure, baby could get out...But that's how it is on most car seats anyhow...


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