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Thread: Hey Y'all, I'm Back :)

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    Thumbs up Hey Y'all, I'm Back :)

    Hey everyone, I am finally able to get back on after the 18+ rules today and thought I would reintroduce myself

    Most of you probably don't know me so I will tell you a little background about myself. I can be very shy due to my social anxiety but when people get to know me I am very friendly and fun to talk to or be around. I have been struggling with self harm since I was about 15 and trichotillomania since around 11 or so. I have been fighting the odds and doing alright with my recovery but nobody is perfect and when it comes to things like this its hard to keep a perfect record.

    My struggle with self harm makes it harder but I have been training to be a Firefighter/EMT because I love to help people and what little boy never wanted to be a firefighter right? I have gotten to know the chief and he has been helping me out and telling me what I need to do to get in but I first am going to have to finish sorting everything out before I can fully start the process to my dream career.

    I have always enjoyed coming to the Adisc forums to just browse it and see what is going on around the world with other's who are just like me. I am not exactly a frequent poster but I get them in here and there when I am interested in certain things or need help with something. Certain things can be hard for me to talk about but I always try to push my own limits to try and defeat my social anxiety so I can talk freely with people rather than get nervous about what I am saying or freaking out that I talked too much. However, Since I try to push my limits you can ask me whatever you want and even if it takes me a couple days to answer I am pushing myself to respond to it, so please feel free to ask anything if you are curious.

    Apart from my interest in becoming a Firefighter/EMT I worked as an advice blogger on mental health with 19 others and helped people on a daily basis for anything they needed or any questions that they had regarding mental health. When I am not doing this you could probably catch me working on my computer, Gaming, or talking/hanging out with the select few people I can be open with.

    Like I said before, if you have any questions feel free to ask me because I like trying to answer them :P

    Thanks for the read, -Secretlyme
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    Welcome back! Glad too see that you've returned after the ban. Hoping you can fulfill your dreams of becoming a firefighter/EMT.

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    Welcome back, and that's a very nice introduction or re-introduction. I sympathize with your problems. I was a cutter when I was young, though I don't think my parents were ever aware. My mom would sometimes pop into my room to check on me, so maybe she did know. Anyway, I hope you can make a complete recovery. At my age, I rejoice in life, knowing now how precious it is. It's worth living, as it's an amazing adventure. We're going to be hurt in life, because that's what it's about, but we also are going to be surprised by the joys that also come down the road. Hang in there.

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