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Thread: Good diapers to wear under normal clothes (discreetly)?

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    Default Good diapers to wear under normal clothes (discreetly)?

    What might be some good options for diapers for wearing under normal clothes (discreetly)? It can't leak, yet at the same time can't be so thick or crinkly that it would be very noticeable. I don't have a ton of experience with different diapers so, any ideas?

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    I find Tena Slip Maxis to be pretty discreet. I've told a couple IRL friends, have worn around them and friends who don't know, no one was ever the wiser. I find they work better under shorts than jeans though.

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    Tena Slip MAXI??? Those are pretty thick... honestly they are NOT that discrete under regular clothes.

    However I vouch for Attends Slip Regular 8 or even 9... both are VERY discrete and the 9 actually is amazingly absorbent.
    Same goes for the Tena Slip PLUS (their thinnest DIAPER).... also VERY discrete... but the "landing zone" for the tapes is reinforced and quite crinkly.

    Also the Tena Flex Plus & Super are REALLY DISCRETE.
    But those are "belted diapers" and not 4-tape tape-on-diapers. (none the less, discrete and work well).

    Aside from these: consider Pads (I mostly wear the Tena Comfort Pads (usually Plus or Super) during the day.
    Why? really discrete, easy & speedy to change (no tapes, no noise), easy to go to the toilet normally (I try to avoid using only the pad /diapers, I'm IC but still have some control)...
    Also the pad, in case you get "caught" is what most people think you'd be wearing if you're incontinent... so I guess it would make it less awkward.

    During the day I mostly wear the mentioned pads - but recently have started to use the Tena Flex products a lot more (I guess I'll get more of them).
    When I have to drive long distance, get on a plane or other such stuff I usually wear an Attends Slip Regular M8 or M9, or the Tena Slip Plus.

    During the night I either wear Attends Slip Reg. M10 or the Tena Slip Maxi (that one would last me forever)....

    I've been dealing with IC for all my life - and the mentioned products have been working for me for a LONG time now.
    And during the day, only a HANDFUL of people, basically on a "need to know" basis do know about my IC ... all the rest has never figured it out.
    So I guess my solution works in both aspects: Taking care of my IC issues (no leaks) and being utterly discrete.

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    if your thin you can get in baby diapers, they won't leak and less puffy then noraml undies

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    I usually use Abena's but when I am looking to be discrete or go out in public with them I use Certainty Fitted Briefs. They are cloth backed and pretty thin so after having them on for a moment they make pretty much no noise. I get no restricted movement and have only leaked once with them but it was purely my fault, could have been prevented by changing sooner. They are thin so I would be quite cautious about how fast you are wetting them at first until you see what they can handle for you. They are fairly cheap as well (I believe cheaper than goodnites actually). Since they are cloth backed they can get a little loose but the tapes are a type of Velcro so its easy to fix it when you get a moment, just don't pull too hard on the tab otherwise you can stretch the cloth connected to the tapes. I order them off but if you prefer going into the store to get them almost all Walgreens should have it. Hope this helped.

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    I use the Attends Extra-Absorbency Breathable. Nice capacity without too much bulk.

    A second option is the Sam's Club store brand (used to be Members Mark, now it's Simply Right) briefs (which appear to be identical to the Wal*Mart Assurance and the Walgreens Certainty briefs).

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    Quote Originally Posted by rawr1 View Post
    What might be some good options for diapers for wearing under normal clothes (discreetly)? It can't leak, yet at the same time can't be so thick or crinkly that it would be very noticeable. I don't have a ton of experience with different diapers so, any ideas?
    You haven't really begun to narrow your options yet. If you don't have any other requirements, such as insisting on plastic. not wanting a "medical looking" diaper, or having a small waist (below 20" or so) that opens even more doors. One example that comes right to mind is Abena abriform 2's in clothlike are going to offer some capacity, good leak protection, quite thin when dry, and quiet.

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    Other than Goodnites XL, I use (at work) either a combination of 2 x Huggies (or Pampers) 6 (back = horizontal and the other perpendicular, taped together), or I find that Cuddzl are relatively thin. Usually, when I fell like wearing a Cuddzl, Bambino, or SuperDryKids, I wear a long polo-T-Shirt, etc outside my pants. I keep Teddy's or Bellissimos for night time or days off work.

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