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Thread: Aww So Cute diapers?

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    Default Aww So Cute diapers?

    I'm about to make my first diaper purchase online and I think I'm going to go with the Aww So Cute diapers. My question is has anyone had problems ordering from them? Also was the packaging discreet?

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    The packaging was fine and since I ordered after they had already begun shipping diapers, I didn't have to wait too long. The big failing is the price. For what is essentially a Bambino diaper, just with an all over print, they're pretty expensive.

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    I recently got an order from them. They came in a discreet package and delivered by UPS. They're not a bad diaper but I've saved mine for when I want to be little. The blue print is
    cute all over the diaper. There is also a diaper review on them in the articles section.

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    I had no problems ordering from them. They came in a plane cardboard box. The Diaper is ADORABLE!
    Yes, expensive, but the cute factor puts them over the top. Infact, I should totally write something about them. I won't threadjack though. =^.^=

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    Yes, these are cute! I ordered a 10-pack, so they were shipped in a plastic parcel bag which was taped closed. Since I have these delivered to my office, the reception worker could totally identify what was inside. She said, "I don't know about you, but this looks like a pack of diapers!"

    To my horror, it was indeed! It was embarrassing! I tried to down play this incident so we'll see if anything comes about later on.

    Shipping was quick, diapers are great. The blue ink from the diapers tends to rub off over time, but that's not a big deal.

    I recommend that you order 20 diapers to have them shipped in cardboard box, and enjoy each one as long as you can.

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    I don't agree about them being a retool of a bambino. No rear elastic. Shell is softer, thinner, more crinkly, and is the entire shell. (no hard tape panel) The padding is lower in sap so it's softer. The entire diaper is more flexible.

    But yes the price is outrageous, which is unfortunate. I hope they come down, offer case prices, etc. The shipping is discrete. The pattern on the shell is quite cute. Considering the price, I'd call them a "special occasion" diaper. But then again, if you rarely get a chance to wear, maybe every time is a "special occasion" for you?

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    What I find to be the better deal are the body suits for $30 those thing are super cute

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    I'm sure you won't be dissapointed with them. They are rediculously fun to wear. Yes, their prices are usurious but they could be enjoyed sparingly.

    I ordered early after first learning about them and my order took less than a week (I live only a few hours away).

    AwwSoCute does have discreet shipping. Their packaging theme is awesome once opened! You get a sense that you have a truly well thought out diaper when holding the package with it's large and bold logo painted on it.

    They fit well and a bit on the larger side so you won't have to worry that they won't fit as advertised. They are bulky and extra crinkly. More-so than Bambino. They definately deliver the babied diaper feel. They have plenty of leg gathering and the tapes hold well. I cannot comment on the capacity as I have not used one in such a way but the SAP is dense enough to at least give the impression that they are quite absorbant.

    You made a good choice.

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