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Thread: Peeing in your diapers..?

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    Question Peeing in your diapers..?

    This is coming from someone who hasn't worn a diaper since they were a tot, by the way, so I have nothing to go on but my thoughts. Maybe I'm uneducated on the matter.

    Do most people who wears diapers pee in them? How is it? While I'm interested in diapers, the thought of peeing in them isn't terribly desirable. On one side it does seem more convenient but.. Babies hate wet diapers, right? So why would I? It sounds uncomfortable having a wet diaper.

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    For me I'm IC so it ether a wet diaper or wet bed or wet pants. Also being AB I do what babies do in their diapers.. It is up to each person to do what is right for them What they feel comfortable doing. If you just llike he fell of the diaper that's OK. There is no rule that says you have to use them. Just enjoy them the way you feel comfortable doing.

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    You are right, it is uncomfortable, DrewberryBlue. I think the main reason why people actually wet in a diaper, is because of a medical issue. Nothing is wrong with the brain, mind you, nor is any type of psychiatric malady is involved. It's just the way the central nervous system deals with discomfort: The need to purge on the spot. Even an ABDL, someone who does not want to admit a need for the diapers, just a desire, may actually have a medical necessity for them and could get a prescription if they would talk with a doctor. The big road block that they run into, though, is their pride that they can "do without" for a time when they actually can't or shouldn't.

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    Most, but not all, adult babies enjoy wetting their diapers. It's kind of hard to explain what it feels like really, although I only have experience wetting sanitary napkins and cloth stuffed in my underwear. You'd really have to try it to see if you like it, but for me it's kind of exciting. Then you'll start to feel a warm sensation.

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    For me its just apart of being little i use my nappies for what they are intended for and have no problem with going in my nappy. As kenny said tho just enjoy them the way you feel comfortable. And for one they will last you longer if you don't make pee pee in them so might save you some money. Any way just see how you feel when you start wearing if you want to wear nappies that is you may change your mind on the hole thing. hugs Little Leo

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrewberryBlue View Post
    Babies hate wet diapers, right? So why would I? It sounds uncomfortable having a wet diaper.
    depends on the diaper, how much you wet it and for how long you wear it when wet (plus, your activity level).

    modern dispies are pretty good at maintaining comfort levels and hardly feel wet under one-squirt-per-diaper standards.
    when i first started wearing dispies, in the pre-SAP days, not only were they not as good as today's, they were also harder to get. so, i did operate along the lines of conserving them. the only real problems with that was that they didn't stand up to prolonged use and they would become damp (at least) with sweat; and then there was the issue of re-taping, if you relieved yourself in the normal mode.
    in the end, there comes a point when you think, "ah, sod it!" and just go in your diaper.

    a slight contrast is with trads (which i have also always worn), because they tend to become damper and smellier with sweat, and there's no need to conserve; making the choice of 'to wet or not', easier.

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    I am incontinent to and ABDL I actually like wet diapers and wish I could wear a soaked diaper longer but I have to change my diaper or face leaks. Depending how heavy I wet I can usally get 2-3 wettings per diaper.

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    I've always worn diapers for their intended purpose, always. But, I've always been urge incon too, so even when I was younger and could hold it most of the time, all I'd have to do is stall for minutes and I was going to pee somewhere. So, because of that, peeing in my pants, diapers, shower, pool, wherever, has never really bothered me too much. I can, however, understand how it would bother someone who had stellar urinary control and rarely peed anywhere else but a toilet. Then there's also the psychological aspect of feeling babyish by actually using your diapers. To each his own I guess, but for me personally, I cannot grasp wearing diapers and not using them for what they were intended.

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    I love having a wet, warm, squishy and saggy diaper until I can sit without leaking because I hate wet clothes.

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    I also use mine for their intended purpose. I have urge IC and changed about two hours ago. Since then I've used it three times. Hopefully it'll last till this evening.

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