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    Im a simple baby and just sometimes i want to be treated like one but who doesnt here. And i would love to have a mom because women are nurturing by nature but we all know it would be very rare for me to find one of those. but, im afriad of daddies in this Fetish/ life style. i know they would do amazing job like a mommy but, what happens when daddy want to want to Daddy huh. what if he want to get you when your the most week and make you do things. for exmaple: i get kicked out of my house and i need help with a place to live. this Daddy knows this and want to help me. and for a few good weeks it great but then... watching tv one night daddy starts touching you in weird places and makes you touch him there. you can fight back but, after while daddy get make and forces it. you dont have anywhere to go or leave and soon you become a whore for you AD/TB ness. other ab told me that happened to him once 6 months of that and he said after he would do that he would go back to treating him like a baby. and the other day this guy wanted me to come over to his house and be Daddy i was OK with that until he said " your picture are soo sexy i cant wait to see you" then a few days later " ohhh hey sweetie you ready, ive been horny off your pics and look at them every day" i blocked that guy. im not say all daddies are bad, i just dont want to become a whore for my Fetish. so what do you think?

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    Hey TeenBabyMax Well i have a daddy he would never go over the line of making it sexual not at all. He cares for me in a very parental way + he has a partner that he loves very much. i love having a daddy as i'm not to great around females i get very shy and nervous so having a daddy works great as i can be more open and just be my self. I like the protective feeling i get from having a daddy it make me feel safe their for i can be more little. i do think that males can be just as caring and maternal as a female. you just have to take time and get to know the person be for saying this is right for me. In shore i love having a daddy and i would not change that for the world. my friend is my daddy my daddy is my friend just the way i like it. I wanted to Support!!! the fact that not every male is driven by sexual thoughts. Leo
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeenBabyMax View Post

    P.s. Look of a Mommy or daddy pretty tall, likes poopy diaper, punishment and lives in jeresy or NY and can come pick me up
    Yeah, this kind of add is probably the reason you ended up with the weirdo. It seems to me that if you want to find a mommy or daddy, you should probably start with, "I am looking for a Mommy/Daddy near...", and then get to know them before you start talking about stuff like poopy diapers and punishment. But on this site, you are not really supposed to be using it for meeting up with people, so that is another problem of it's own. If you want to find a good caregiver, i would suggest taking it slow and getting to know them. Its kind of like online dating, if i post what kind of sexual activities i like to do, then i'm probably going to get somebody that just wants to have sex and doesn't care about any of my other qualities, rather than talking about those types of things after getting to know the person a little more first.

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    First I think this person was a creep. There things that people should know. That when some one is Little sex is something that is not there. Babies do not think about sex. Finding the right person is hard. I don't think you are looking for a Daddy here just explaining what you have gone through. If the relationship is for real, then the two people will connect on both levels both adult and baby. We want some who cares for both of these.

    Sending explicit to some one who they don't really know I have always found to be gross. What we want in a partner is some one who understands our needs and not push something that we don't want. It is very hard to find just the right person who will fill our needs.

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    First of all, it seems to me that if OP removes the post script where he says

    his post would be made appropriate. I know he's speaking of stuff he is imagining might happen irl and some here will assume his post is a fap fantasy along the lines of domination.

    I however will take him at his word and trust that his fears are real and might be well-founded. If that is so we owe him the benefit of the doubt and should try to allay his fears and direct him in positive directions.

    First of all in New Jersey is a well-known ageplay community: New Jersey Littles. They hold live events including munches; see here: New Jersey Littles (NJL) 2nd Annual ‘We-HOP Munch’

    Secondly I suggest to OP he joins the abdl sites that DO arrange and encourage live contact, such as Daily Diapers, Fetlife, RUpadded and possibly Diapermates and Diaperspace. I'll supply links if you ask, Teenbabymax.

    I nipped over to Fetlife. I searched "New Jersey Littles, clicked "Groups" and got this:

    - - - Updated - - -

    Now, Teenbabymax when I call you "OP" it is an abbreviation for Original Poster ie the person who started the thread. You should understand that adult relationships are serious things, and have risks if not approached carefully and with due diligence. But if they are successful the rewards are worth the risk. We here can help you find a mommy and respect your reasons for not seeking a daddy (though I assure you not all daddies - even gay ones - want to get in your pants - except to change them; and not all mommies are soft, gentle, nurturing, and sexually submissive.

    Anyway. For the time being, you should join Fetlife and Daily Diapers but also keep on actively participating in Adisc, reading posts and responding in them. FL and DD are different from Adisc in many ways including offering things we don't - like allowing for advertising for a mommy and arranging live contact; this, in theory, can be done on Adisc but we aren't geared up to do that and sites that are will serve you better. Remember, on the internet you can be in several places at once! Yes, FL and DD are a good start. let us know how you get on; and don't be put off by the idea that FL is dedicated to just the hardcore kinksters, it's for everybody with a kink.

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    if you hit the enter button when you complete a thought it will put a space between paragraphs, making your posts easier to read and preventing your "wall of text" that can be off-putting, causing people to say tl;dr which means "too long; didn't read. This idea will serve you well wherever you post.
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