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    Talking Well, hello?

    Hi. I decided to make an intro, which is something I typically skip on forums since it's embarrassing and awkward to me but I've decided it just looks rude to randomly start posting without introducing myself. It's like walking up to a gang of people speaking and randomly butting in.

    Drew is not my name by the way. I don't know where "Drewberry" came from but I just think it's cute sounding. It sounds like a fruit; probably because it's close to "dewberry". I've never eaten a dewberry, or any of its close relatives, though.

    Onto why I'm on the site.. I actually know zip about this site. I think I heard about it while trotting the web though but mostly I just saw it on Google's "searches related to" suggestions, saw this was a forum, clicked, glanced at the posts, and made an account. I'm no stranger to forums - I'm apart of several fandom relates ones - so it seemed like a fine idea.

    I was debating whether to make this account or just lurk but I, obviously, decided to do the latter. I do not express my ABDL relevant interests at the moment since I don't live alone right now. Honestly I don't even know if I exactly like diapers - they're not exactly high on my interest rate - but I think they're cute. I'd try them if I could.

    My hobbies are fairly generic for someone my age. I watch cartoons, read comics, listen to music, and play video games. I'm a casual writer who's too lazy to write their book ideas and I would like to get into drawing but I'm terrible at it, no matter how hard I try. I'm a vegetarian thinking about going vegan; I want to try more vegetarian-friendly-but-not-vegan-friendly foods though. I'd like to get into things like cosplay, gardening, knitting, and playing several instruments but that's for another day. I'm into several fandoms but my main ones are Pokemon and My Little Pony right now.

    I wouldn't say I'm "shy" more so as I'm "socially anxious and very quiet". Either way I'm not exactly a chatter mouth.

    Even though I'm a furry I can't say I'm into the community. I just care for animals and thus I'm geared to furry things. I stick to fandoms rather than the general/OC scene. I can't even make a fursona; I've tried but they always become their own characters in the end. I know little about babyfurs and diaperfurs but I do think art of them is cute.

    I joined the site to talk mostly. Or really, to talk when needed. I'm an introverted, rather socially awkward, person who prefers to be in the background rather than talk. IRL people tend to forget I'm even there because I'm too quiet.. I want to read from people with similar interests as mine be it diaper related, furry relevant, or anything else. I'll try to come out of my shy and post more but I tend to get embarrassed and shrink into my shell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrewberryBlue View Post
    I wouldn't say I'm "shy" more so as I'm "socially anxious and very quiet". Either way I'm not exactly a chatter mouth.
    I'm not a chatter mouth either. I'm a pretty quiet person as well.

    Welcome to

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    Hi there, nice intro, cute nick/profile pic.

    As for fursonas, it is supposed to reflect you and what you are comfortable with. There isn't any right or wrong way of going about it, imho. It's just an extension of who you are or want to be.


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    Hey nice intro i'm little leo and welcome to the forum i'm shore you well make lots friends here. again welcome and may be see you around. take care. hugs Leo

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    Welcome to the site, and great intro!

    I know it can be scary joining a site like this. I was nervous too. I also tend to be shy around people I don't know well.

    It seems we have a few more things in common ^_^ I'm a brony as well, and a ''part-time'' furry I guess you could say. I write occasionally but lack motivation, read comics, and like music. And I haven't worn a real diaper since toddlerhood either.

    Hope you enjoy your stay on the forums.

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    Hi Drewberry, glad you stopped by and great introduction, by the way. See you around the site.

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