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    since it is difficult to me to fall asleep, overnight, when i lay on my bed, I start to think and think...
    Yesterday I was thinking:
    If you could turn back time an meet your past yourself, what would you do?

    Probably I'll become his "master", helping him to avoid some mistake that I've made.
    But, is it right? Probably I'll don't remain myself, I'll change; and i don't want to change.

    So, what would you do?

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    I wold become a better person by telling my past self what he is going to see in the future and give em a chance to change it.

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    I don't think I'd change anything if I could go back and do it differently. Sure, my situation right now isn't the best it could be... but if I changed things I wouldn't have met the people I know now... I wouldn't know my gf... that would make a huge difference.

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    Nope, no way. If I hadn't be through some of the things I got through, I wouldn't be the person I am today. And so I wouldn't care about myself or anyone else, and so I wouldn't go back in time to save myself the sadness. And I think that'd make a time paradox!

    Not only is meddling with time both dangerous and tricky, it's foolish - what happened happened, and shouldn't happen any other way.

    I think if I could go back in time I'd go and kill myself just to see what happens

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    If watching cartoons has taught me anything, it's that going back in time and changing things is always bad news.

    You would not be the same person as you are now if you changed your past, so I think that unexisting myself would be counter-intuitive.

    So I wouldn't change anything, I might just come over to myself and say "hi!".

    Actually... I guess it depends on how you imagine time travel. So far I've been assuming that going back in time would change things. But what if time travel travel was a bit different... Say I'm walking down the street and a guy who looks just like me, but a couple of years older, comes over and says "hi!". And then in a couple of years I get given the chance to go back in time, which I do, and I go back to when I was walking down the street and I say "hi!" to myself.
    In that case, given the chance to go back in time I'd go and do whatever I remember my future self doing. (???)
    I'd tell myself next weeks lottery numbers.

    The problem is that backward time travel is logically impossible, so you can imagine whatever you want.

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    I would go back and sway myself away or toward a few decisions, but I wouldn't get heavily involved in anything. My life has been alright so far, except for a few stupid mistakes.

    Of course, all this would be totally useless unless my own memories changed as the new decision was made.

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    I would tell him to avoid world of Warcraft like the plague.

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    i know travelling back in time is impossible, but i would really like to go back a few years and give my self a huge hug and tell him it's going to be okay.

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    I'm not sure...alot of the bad things that happened to me have made me who I am today. BUT - there are many stupid things I did as a kid...and I wonder about those decisions I made. If I didn't do all those stupid things, would I be more of an a**hole? I mean, I found that being bullied made me think more about what I do and how it affects others.

    I'm going to say no. I would prefer to take the good with the bad. I mean, it sounds tempting to have not said that inapprirate comment to a girl in grade 4 (I didn't know what the word meant!)...but I'm sure it plays a part in who I am today. Time travel is a bad idea

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    I thought about this one for a long while... at first thought, there was something I wanted to change... however, after giving it more thought, I realized that If I changed that then I would've never found Adisc/tbdl, I wouldn't have all the great friends I have today, and I just wouldn't be the same person I am today...

    I don't wanna change anything ^_^

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