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Thread: serious talk about fantasies: staying little IRL

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    Default serious talk about fantasies: staying little IRL

    Being incontinent for the last several months has given me far greater insight than I ever had before into the realities of wearing diapers. Like many who have come to this disability from an AB background, I have had a better time accepting it and accepting the 24/7 need for protection than I would have otherwise. However, as I and many other IC's have said many times on these forums, being truly incontinent is much more a pain in the butt than it is a wish fulfillment.

    The constant concern about smelling and leaking and diapers showing, the need to know where rest rooms are so you can change, the simple expense of all of those diapers, the wardrobe adjustments necessary to cover the fact that you are now padded in the middle in highly noticeable ways, the entire extra suitcase needed just for diapers when traveling, the constant necessity for cleaning and keeping clean, leaking into the bed because there really are no diapers anywhere that can reliably stop leaks for side-sleepers, the need to carry a diaper bag of some kind with you everywhere you go and probably a change of clothing just in case, the heat of it in the summer...these are just a few of the things that incontinent people have to worry about. Let's just say it isn't exactly a dream come true.

    And yet...

    I know that, when I was much younger (back in my college days when I was more heavily into my AB side as a way to make my bedwetting more emotionally acceptable), I entertained the same sorts of silly (and utterly stupid) wishes that turn up again and again in threads on this and every other diaper site. How could I make myself...? What if were really...? Yeah, pretty idiotic. (In my defense, please remember I was all alone back then: the only AB in the world as far as I knew, with no internet to support me and tell me what an ass I was being.)

    Which brings me to the reason I am writing this.

    How many age regression stories are out there? These tales play to the fantasy of not just playing baby but being one physically. It is the logical extreme extension of what we do when we role-play babyhood. And in our Little selves many of us do role-play babyhood, or at least toddlerhood. And truly: in the fantasy mind, how many of us see ourselves as we are? Adults in diapers? Rather, how many see ourselves in our minds as the children we would like to be while we are assuming these roles?

    I would guess that there are more of the latter than the former among traditional ABs. So let me postulate this as a specific fantasy and see what you think:

    We are children who simply have never grown up. We are older in actual years but in size and physical maturity we are still (fill in the blank here with the speed at which you would like growth retarded). I suspect that might appeal as a fantasy. But I am going to link below to a story about such a thing happening in real life, and, just as in the case of incontinence, it is anything but a fantasy. Here is a nine-year-old girl who is still basically an infant in appearance and maturity. Here is an adult man who looks like a 12-year-old and functions like a baby. And there are others as well. We play our games with these identities and enjoy our fantasies, but it is good once in a while to step back and recognize what would happen if they really came true.

    The reality behind the fantasy is never as good as the imagination because the imagination ignores all of the pitfalls that reality uncovers. There are no tears in imagination. There are no medical bills in imagination. There is no pain in imagination. There are no consequences or ramifications in imagination. Nothing that happens there lasts.

    The next time it crosses your mind to write a thread asking a silly fantasy-fulfillment question, remember that there is a reason we have imaginations in the first place: to live out our fantasies in safety where we cannot hurt ourselves in any way. Real is not always better. Ask any IC person. Ask the parents in this video. And then go ahead and keep dreaming. That's the best place for dreams to be.

    Families From TLC's 'My 40-Year-Old Child' Share Stories Of Kids Who Don't Age (VIDEO)

    (There is a separate link on the page to a longer, more complete video if you are interested.)

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    Ok 2 things. 1) I really don't understand what you are looking for as a response, and so will do what I think I should do as the response. 2) I have to say that I agree some of our fantasies are not great in the slightest, but for instance in my case (I can't really speak for anyone else) those are not my fantasies in the slightest, exception being the fact that the one guy is the same size he was as a kid. The way his body grew in though, one can see just by watching the video, has left potentially additional handicaps (malformed jaw=problems eating certain foods and other such deformities) and quite frankly, I don't want to be completely incontinent nor do I want to be a complete baby. I see myself emotionally, spiritually, whatever you want to call it, as a kid around 4 years old (give or take). I was able to read, potty trained (with only the occasional accident) and even able to write (albeit very sloppily). Believe this or don't, fine by me, but it was the case. That said, to be physically the same size, shape, and developmental level as I was may be a bit of a burden but not as much as the case studies you pointed out. Quite frankly, I would prefer the physical disabilities that would come with my exact fantasies over the work required to make a living and make something of myself in the adult world anyday. The only 2 things holding me back from choosing such a life are a)the burden it would place on family and b) the scientific improbability of being able to physically regress so perfectly as to make the dream a reality.

    Of course, all of this is not meant to take away from the validity of the ideas behind your statement, just the all-encompassing aspect of them. And I am certainly not trying to sound upset or anything, just trying to present my case in a logical, affirmative, yet fair way.anyway, great topic haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by ICkaraokegirl View Post
    And truly: in the fantasy mind, how many of us see ourselves as we are? Adults in diapers? Rather, how many see ourselves in our minds as the children we would like to be while we are assuming these roles?
    This is an interesting question! I can't speak for others, but I actually do think of myself in my fantasies as an adult in diapers. Sometimes I also imagine myself as an adult wearing a sleeper or overalls, sleeping in a crib, and sucking on a pacifier. The fantasies are exciting for me because of the humiliation of being treated in an age-inappropriate way.

    I wonder how many ABs are like me and how many have fantasies about truly regressing or being a different age. To be clear, I don't think one way of being an AB is better than the other. They're just different. It's also helpful for anyone who is going to be involved in AB play to understand his or her partner's psychology. What works for a submissive AB is sometimes very different from what works for a regressive AB.

    I definitely agree with you that it's important to keep clear what is desirable in real life and what is just an enjoyable fantasy. There are some things that are exciting to fantasize about that would be very bad to experience in real life. I wouldn't want most of my AB fantasies to come true...maybe for a day, but not longer than that! I also have fantasies about being in prison, and I really enjoy those fantasies, but I would never want to go to prison or jail even for a single day.

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    I think what I wrote to littleleo applies here, that each one of us has been cut out by a different shaped cookie cutter. Each one of us has a little different take on what we want to be when we regress. In fact, some of us are very different from some others in how we perceive our regression, and then of course there are the diaper lovers, who don't necessary regress at all. They get their enjoyment at the diaper/fetish level. To be honest, I don't have an explanation for this.

    To be able to explain regression, and the degree of making it a reality, one would have to know why they have these feelings, and most importantly, the psychological cause. I have some clues to mine, my adoption at the age of two, but I think there are other unknown elements. Maybe it's brain chemical functions, linked to psychological baggage, but I don't know.

    I'm going to throw the gender card here (before someone accuses me of it) and say that I think most males experience these scenarios differently than girls. I have been surprised on several occasions, however, when a female member has described her experience and it has paralleled mine, so even that theory is not 100 percent across the board, so to speak. There seems to be exceptions to every observation, making understanding this all the more frustrating.

    Lastly, I would hazard a guess that most of our fantasies are only that, fantasies. We can make them and wish them because we know they aren't real and thus, are not lasting. I must admit, with a certain amount of blushing, that to some males, diaper desires are very sexual, and before sexual release, some intense wishes are imagined and thus expressed in writing on this site. That doesn't mean that the poster really wants to be a baby for the rest of their life. It's just a passing desire which passes after climax (blush, turn red, etc.).

    I guess what I'm saying is that I wouldn't put much angst into some of the desire statements made on this site. And lastly, notice how I didn't misquote you and accuse you of strange statements. Aren't you relieved? (My sense of humor, and my apologies to some misguided past attacks...sigh)

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