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  • Yes, I voted for him because he is black.

    4 5.13%
  • Yes, I didn't vote for him because he is black

    6 7.69%
  • I didn't vote for him because I don't like his politics.

    20 25.64%
  • I don't care what color he is.

    63 80.77%
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Thread: Do you care about Obama's race?

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    Default Do you care about Obama's race?

    Do you really care about Obamas race? Was it a major part in voting/not voting for him? Would you have voted/not voted for him if he wasn't black?

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    to answer it simply: it didn't make a difference for me. What it caused me to vote for him is this:
    A: Sarah Palin frightened the shit out of me.
    B: He's an intelligent human being.
    C: He signifies a new generation of politics, as in, the end of baby-boomer politics.
    D: I wanted the government to have unlimited power?

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    HES BLACK?!?! I always thought he was just nicely tan!


    I voted for Obama because of a few things (and by a few I mean a lot) and I have had this conversation on this site way too many times. So, all I will say is that color, though I do believe it held weight for some, did not really enter into my thought process when pressing 'enter.' (I think it would have sounded more dramatic if I said "Pulled that lever" but there wasn't one...I was sad.)

    -The Sun-

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    We had a "Kid's Vote Election" at our school, and I voted for McKain (I don't know how to spell). I voted for him because I liked the way he does things in the run of politics. But I was talking to the other kids in my grade, and they all voted for Obama, just because he's black. I personally think that if people are just voting for race, then they shouldn't vote at all.

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    Little ollie


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    Quote Originally Posted by Little ollie View Post

    But seriously, I can't vote, but I put "I don't care what colour he is", because I honestly don't.

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    This is my opinion:

    If you voted either FOR or AGAINST Obama because of race (as your MAIN reason), you, are an idiot, and should not be allowed to vote.

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    In the end, I voted for him, but his race didn't really play a part. However, his race does matter, as it is a rather significant fact that we'll have a black (even biracial) president. I think it's great that it finally happened. But yeah, what Mr. Alex said, though perhaps worded a little more nicely .

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    I did not vote for Obama, I voted for McCain/Palin. However race had no factor whatsoever in my decision. Most of you probably know from my posts during election season that I'm a hardcore Republican and I strongly disagree with Obama on almost every issue. I would vote for a black candidate, or a candidate from any race or gender so long as I agree with their politics. That was not the case this time around.

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    I did not vote for him (surprise right), but it was because of his politics and other reasons, not his color. I always Colin Powell to run for president.

    Bobby Jindal '12.

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