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Thread: How to make them last longer???

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    Default How to make them last longer???

    i wear Huggies Drynites and i can only pee in them 2/3 times before they are full and leaking down my legs/on my bed if i sit down. how can i make them last longer???

    PS cant get boosters as cant buy online x

    any advice would be appreciated x

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    Change. That is about your only course of action. Where a garbage bag think someone said before. You're going to be only using what the diaper can support.

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    i do change them normally :/ just go through them so fast, n want to make them last longer

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    Drynights are only meant for night time accidents.
    They were not meant to be for all day usage.

    I know of no way to make them last longer, besides getting
    a more absorbent diaper.

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    Doubling up with holes poked in the inside pant.
    stuffers made from baby diapers.
    stuffers made from pads, either period or incontinance.

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    Since you are a girl I would find the biggest baddest plus size maxi pad available and cut little slits in it so it flows through into the DriNite, that should get you a little better absorbancy for not alot of money. I have done this in a pinch and though it doesnt work nearly as well for a guy it still did well enough to make it worth the money spent. Hope this helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StargazerBleu View Post
    I know of no way to make them last longer, besides getting
    a more absorbent diaper.
    I was thinking that Drynights are made for smaller people, like kids, not adults. I understand the draw to wearing goodnights, but the simple fact is, they simply can't hold up enough to offer adult level protection. Although, to give you some credit, I know that some store brands aren't much better when it comes to adult level protection.

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