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Thread: Diapers leaking where the tapes are

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    Default Diapers leaking where the tapes are


    when I wear diapers, they do often leak (in the nighttime) where the tapes are.
    I don't know why, do you have a little advise?
    Its really uncomfortable, so that I'll be ashamed when it leaks.
    I don't like wearing plastic pants, but i also believe that it wont help me, because the diapers aren't really full when i need to change it, there are just wet in the front, even if i wear the little guy down.

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    That's an inherent problem with most taped diapers and side sleepers. The only two I've found that worked for me were Dry 24/7 and Tena Slip Maxi's but I still wore plastic pants
    for the added protection. Now a days I wear only cloth AIO's for overnight and have eliminated the leak problem. I also use a PUL diaper cover instead of plastic pants with them.

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    Some terry or flannel lined pant might be better for you if you don't like regular ones.

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    do they realy protect from leaking ?
    And where can I get one (cheap) ?

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    Try Kolibri Compslip plus, get them from a site called SaveExpress, it's a German site, so you have to pay shipping costs but these nappies are awesome, I've worn them overnight no leaks whatsoever, they are plastic backed, very thick and i find them comfortable to wear. Try the site it's like nappy heaven, so much choice you'll be like a kid in a candy store.

    P.s if you do use the site, use the auto translate on your PC, as unless you can speak fluent German then you might have problems, and I've also learnt "foile or foil, means that they are plastic if that's your preferred type of backing.

    Happy shopping.

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    I'm from Germany, so there would be no Problem,
    but I've tested many diapers, and every diaper has leaked in the nighttime while sleeping on the side

    I don't think that it would be better with that diaper.

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    Give them a try, believe you me, they hold a lot and I've wet while on my side, i tend to make sure the little man is facing downwards into the nappy, that tends to stop leaking from out of the front part, There is a new nappy due to be available around September time called the Comficare M10 that is supposed to be the thickest most absorbent one on the market that is supposed to stop all leaking from any which way you pee, weather that'll be true remains to be seen, but i can't wait to find out as they look mega thick!

    So if you don't get on with those Kolibris wait till Sept and try the Comficare,, these will also be available from that site.

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    @robbase, the problem is not that the diaper can't hold as much as I "produce", the problem is that it leaks even if the diaper is not really used.
    Also I dont like the extremly big bulge, which you get, when you wear thick diapers.
    @foxkids Hmm, I thought about that, but I can't really whash them, cause my mum used to wash my clothes, so that I can only wash by hand.
    also cloth diapers are really expensive and you need plastic pants, but I hate the feeling of plastic.
    I thought about wearing a Cloth diaper as leakage-protection, but I don't think that tihs would help.

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