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Thread: Bad taste in art?

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    Default Bad taste in art?

    You'll have to forgive me if I show any ignorance, possibly some intolerance in this post.

    Commission - Radix by GollyPop -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    So I saw the above pic, and I gotta say, it's made me most uncomfortable.

    The reason being, I'm seeing it a adult and child, dressed in a diaper. Something if I saw humans doing in real life, I would think it be terrible thing to share online or anywhere.

    But since not everything is what I believe it is, am I just looking at this with the worst possible light?

    I can understand in art pieces like this:

    Kalida sketch: Shopping blunder by J-Raz -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    Where one is the child, one is caregiver, and though it wouldn't be my thing, I wouldn't find this one objectionable. But the other one, for reasons posted already, seems wrong. But I honestly believe I'm missing something here.

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    I can understand that the first image may make you a bit uncomfortable, but I wouldn't necessarily say it's in ''bad taste.'' For example, one could imagine that the adult is incontinent. Or perhaps the child stumbled upon the adult's enjoyment of diapers by accident, and the older animal doesn't feel like it's necessary to hide it anymore.

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    Honestly nothing bad is happening in the picture and they both appear to be underage. I think it's a cute picture.

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    Wow, yeah. I definitely see things in the first one that makes it seem a bit iffy to me.
    Hand positioning and the slight blush of the cub are the major things I can make a note of.

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    That top one does creep me out to look at.

    But to be fair I checked out the artist's page, and no other art on their page seemed to have any similar pedo themes, and the description of that pic says it's a commission piece for some other baby furs, so its not likely some sick rendering of the artist's disturbed desires, even if it still creeps me out to look at it.

    The second pic is kinda cute =^.^=

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    To me, at least, the most relevant thing is that this is not a picture of a child and an adult or a drawing of one. It portrays the characters of two adults in a certain situation. No one is exploiting a child and how one interprets the image is up to them. I wouldn't say that I couldn't see a piece of art that would make me uncomfortable but this isn't it.

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    What bothers me about the first pic isn't so much child vs adult, as the racoon's paw placement on the smaller pups. I don't see one as a child, they both look adult to me. Also - the pup is curled up in a small Spoon. If the pup were stretched out, they would be about the same size. Personally, I am the shortest person of all my friends - and if we cuddle, our size differences are actually pretty close to what the artist chose in the pic. (I love being Little Spoon)

    Not to mention that the artist may have been having an "off-day" with proportions. My grandmother is a professional artist and even she has those day. (Seriously, you should hear that lady get frustrated! 4'7" of spitfire.

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