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    Default Bad Combos?

    So far, I've found out alcohol and diapers aren't a good mixes. So any others bad combos I should know? So I don't bother looking like a idiot for suggesting them.

    I know trying to wet with sleeping pills doesn't work cause of the body long time natural training to get up, no matter how tired, to use the toilet (I did this one while wearing a diaper once, without knowing what I did till I got back to bed)

    And then there the lemony soda based laxatives, which shouldn't ever be used without proper medical guidance ( I got the cramps and runs for a day to prove that!).

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    Any method to attempt to simulate incontinence is risky, and not recommended. If you are dead set on it the only method I could even theoretically see being worth it is behavioral retraining. Set an alarm, pee, go back to sleep. It'll take a while before you do it automatically, but eventually you would pee without waking enough to remember it.

    None of these methods are good though, they either pose medical risks or are long-term and hard to stop. As someone who does wet occasionally for medical reasons I can tell you wetting with no control isn't fun.

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