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Thread: Got my Bambino Teddies! :D

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    Default Got my Bambino Teddies! :D

    I got my diapers today

    Though I think the large may be too large o.O;

    I asked around since I'm a 39" waist - and the consensus advised that I get a Large size (since Bambino's run small) that's what I bought. I followed the How-to article on self-diapering (which is an awesome article) and I'm not sure if I just suck at this or they really are too large. I pulled everything as tightly as I could and I still have gaping issues in the front and back - and bunching between my legs.

    My gut feeling says they are too large, so I'm going to order a sample of the Mediums. If the Mediums fit better, then there is the debate of using or selling the unopened packages of Large. I don't want them to go to waste.

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    It takes putting on a new diaper two three tries to get it right. I find that every brand is different when it comes to putting them on.

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    I got the mediums in that those and the Bellisimos and they are too small for me but I use duct tape. Maybe we should swap, lol. But for you its better to be too large than too small. Overall I really like the diapers except for the fact that they are too loud. Hope they all go well.

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    Well - round 2 went easier to get them on. (One side of the tapes came off and wouldn't stick back on) I think I have a combo issue of lack of experience and that I have a short torso...bleh. Oh well...

    I'll find the right ones eventually.

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