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Thread: Have you ever been caught wearing diapers?

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    Default Have you ever been caught wearing diapers?

    Several times when I was seven to ten by foster parents they made me run around wearing only a diaper and tshirt the days I was caught. And once at the next foster home when I was seventeen parents thought I was a freak and told my therapist and they tried to get me to talk about it and I knew they wouldnt understand so I kept my mouth shut about why I was wearing the diaper. And once since I became incontinent. And I just started to work at a place for disable adults to work and found out that one of my old friends ex works their. Anyways I was waiting for the restroom that is for changing diapers and she was changing one of the ones that are to disabled to change themselves when she caught me waiting for the room. She has been very respectful of my situation

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    Yes, I've been caught many times, and I am quite use to it by now. My dog likes to take advantage of when I had left used diapers in a trash bag to be taken out, she likes to get into my diapers and rip them to pieces. So if I don't know and I go somewhere I come home to my mom tapping her foot giving me the I"m going to F****** kill you stare. (Not getting a dog when I move out THAT'S FOR SURE.

    Also been there with the therapist, he did nothing to help me. In fact it was a 70$ each "wax philosophical and waste my time for 2 hours sessions" and then come to the astonishing conclusion that I need to try relationships and fantasize about female touching and bonding leading to the bed....... It did nothing. Regardless

    Anyways, not much experienced in regards to a foster home, but I can tell you people these days are SO narrow-minded its incredible. I don't know about you but have you ever got the "its a sin, if Jesus was with you would you wear diapers in front of him". Hmhm H*** YEA! So I don't know what my point was, its getting late and I guess I'm just typing to type now lol.

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    No I never got the its a sin bull crap my families are very religous too. They just couldnt and wouldnt understand the TBDL lifestyle.

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    My parents have caught me. My aunt and uncle found them in the trash and confronted me about it and they assumed it was medical.

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    I've gotten a few looks when I had "diaper peek", but diaper or no I'm a 280-lb man who can still pick up the back end of a car, and I flash them a smile that lets them know what I'm capable of.

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    I havent been caught as yet but am getting very risky by wearing them out more in public and getting a massive thrill from tucking the back of my top into my diaper to see if i get any looks !!

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    I went to the shooting range a day earlier than planned with the missus and some friends. Needless to say i was very padded as i hadn't expected to go out. The wife knows about the diapers, doesn't play and thinks it's gross. I was getting us some food and she walks up behind me and smacks my butt which let out a resounding thwack. We were both mortified. It was loud in the cafe so no one noticed or at least said anything. Neither of us said anything about it but we both were "off" after. Wasn't fun and messed up our shooting practice.

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    Well I was diapering my self just pulling it up and my mom walked in my room it was late.
    Not a good thing.

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    well I have never actually been caught, But I have come pretty close a few times. One such accasion I was sharing with another room mate. I didn't hear him knocking on my door, But luckily for me the door creaks when its opened. So when I heard the door creaking , I managed to quickly pull my trousers over myself . It was a pretty close call lol but luckily not caught. phew


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    Being IC for forty years this has happened to me so many times it doesn’t bother me much anymore.
    The last time I think I was embarrassed was when my daughter was three and walked in as I was changing. She watched for a moment and then asked if I needed any help.
    I never flaunted my need for diapers but she knew her dad wore them and why. She was serious about wanting to help. I thanked her and told her I could handle it.
    She bounced off the bed and said “ok mommy said supper was ready. “
    I think I was still red in the face when I got to the table

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