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    Seeing as im ordering online i figured i might as well order some boosters instead of continuing to use baby anyone have any suggestions on some good low price booster pads? Something thats gonna hopefully add as much absorbency as a baby diaper? Even though ill miss the thrill of the baby diapers lol

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    I haven't used them, but check out the boosters on XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies Gary has three different sizes available. I don't use boosters in my disposables so haven't tried them.

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    I use northshore boosterpads either the medium or large for my Tranquility ATNs large adult diapers.

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    I find that the Abena Abri-Let 4201 boosters do the trick. Soft, comfortable, and they wick incredibly well...

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    There are really two kinds of boosters, same as with disposable diapers... High sap and low/no sap. And just like with diapers, the high sap are usually thin, high capacity, SWELL a lot, have less odor, aren't as soft, and cost more, than the low/no sap variety.

    ABU sells "regular" and "ultra" boosters, which are the "Unique" brand name. Bambino sells the exact same boosters, repackaged with brand name removed, in a bigger variety of quantities. These are the best high-sap boosters I've ran into for the price.

    Bambino also used to sell a long, narrow TotalDry brand booster but they've changed their product line to shorter hourglass shaped boosters in larger variety. I assume they're the same low/no sap as the others. Very soft by comparison with the high-sap, which can be quite stiff (and slightly abrasive) when dry.

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    I may be too cheap but even modifying Underjams or Goodnites are very good for boosters. I typically use 2-3 of them if I want a thicker diaper. I would try them because they are cheap, but that is just my opinion.

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    I've never tried goodnites as a stuffer.... Is the absorbency any good?

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    Honestly, the best stuffers are baby diapers. Why mess with the formula? The Abena ones hold hardly anything compared to how bulky they are, and the others I've tried are in the same arena.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldDragonAurkarm View Post
    Honestly, the best stuffers are baby diapers. Why mess with the formula? The Abena ones hold hardly anything compared to how bulky they are, and the others I've tried are in the same arena.
    I figured kill 2 birds with one stone since I'm ordering online thought I'd go ahead and get boosters instead of the extra trip to the store but apparently I'm better off doing what I'm doing lol.

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    I have used traquility and attends boosters. The tranquility ones hold quite a bit and also help with wicking so the whole diaper gets used. They have wings so getting them instaled right can be tricky and if your main diaper has leak guards they become useless.

    The attends ones are narrow pads that fit neatly into the middle of your diaper and ca be strategically placed. They have soms adhesive to keep them set.

    I have tried baby diaper but only the size 6 and 7 that I bought for experimental purposes. I found them hard to get in the right place. If you picked up smaller sizes I could see them being very good.

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