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    Default Hello everyone!!

    Hey guys and girls my name is Kyle I've stumbled across this site a few times and read reviews and other topics that interested me from time to time. I just felt like it was time to join and maybe network and get advice on dealing with this issue.

    A little bit about me I like motorsports mostly into bikes as that is just a cheaper mode for me right now, but I plan on getting into cart racing at some point. I'm a bit of a thrill seeker so if I can go fast enough to get seriously hurt on something chances are I'll enjoy it. "I know I playing the role of the typical southern hillbilly by saying that probably" I also like anything outdoors camping, hunting and fishing occasionally.

    I also graduated college and did have a job utilizing my degree up until March of this year and I got terminated for a really ridiculous reason. Basically I made one mistake that should have been looked at more closely given my experience and length in that new role( I had recently received a promotion and advancement about 2 months before all of that went down) So, right now I'm drawing unemployment and trying to get back into my field again.

    I have known I had AB tendencies since I was probably about 4 or 5. I knew I never wanted to go from diapers to undies. I have a huge family and I'm the oldest so there were times where I could sneak diapers out and wear them. Since I am out on my own I have had the pleasure of exploring this side of who I am. I have got to express this side of myself with 3 different girls one in college and 2 since graduating. Only one allowed me the luxury of doing it on a daily basis.

    So, that's a lil about my story I could easily elaborate more on it but I feel I have already drug this intro out enough.

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    Hello Kyle and welcome to the group.

    This is a very nice introduction.

    So, again welcome and I will see you in the forums.

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