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Thread: Future Video Game Speculations?

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    Default Future Video Game Speculations?

    What hints of future possible games have been dropped, and do you think they are true? For example, there is much speculation over possible future Guitar Hero/Rock Band games. I read this a while ago, but I am pretty sure I read that the producers dropped hints for possible Guns 'n' Roses, U2 (!) and other versions following the Aerosmith version. Any others you can think of?
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    Star Wars Battlefront 3: Free Radical's website lists a "Secret LucasArts Project" and BF3 has been given a format list by Amazon (now removed) and the Australian ratings authority lists it as having a PG rating.

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    Star Wars: The Old Republic, I'm not sure if it counts since it was actually leaked by the developers.... but yeah, I'll probably never see the light of day once that comes out.

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    If only in Battlefront 3 they removed needing to unlock classes and Jedi's. It is battlefront for the reason that it lacks Jedi, BF1 >BF2.

    I speculate the next WoW expansion will contain new mounts, new class, more graphix, MOAR continents, and 10 more BS of levels

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    I think they'll try to reach Final Fantasy 30.
    Quality dropped after the 7th, and even if I'm a big fan, I think Nomura should stop creating them just because he want to test new graphics.
    Storylines are always the same.

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    Half Life 2: Episode 3 should be coming out in about 1 and a half to two years. Can't wait.

    Damn Valve and their cliffhangers. Also, Portal 2 will be a preqel I've heard

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    crysis 2 and another sequel for crysis such as warhead but psycho version , and i HOPE (lol) far cry 3?

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