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    Just a question to all you furs here, who influences who?

    Do you influence your fursona or does your fursona influence you?

    When I entered the fandom I influenced my fursona but slowly my fursonas traits have started to influence me now

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    I always influence my fursona. I don't think it could be the other way around really. My fursona is just an image of me in most standards.

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    In some ways, it goes both ways. I try to act kind and childish like my fursona sometimes, when others, my fursona acts rude and annoying like me O:

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    I think I influence my fursona. Before I joined swimming, My fursona self was either a ferret or a mongoose... I don't remember. But after starting to swim, I quickly went to otter, Which would appear to indicate that I influence my fursona.

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    I think it's a two way street. My fursona is a slightly idealized reflection of myself. But before I came up with him I never would have bought diapers, pacis, or anything else relating to my infantilism.

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    My fursona is exactly like me, in every way. The only time I guess you could say that I act like my fursona (as opposed to the other way around) is when I'm feeling "pet-ish" with my mate. Then, I'll act a lot more like a dog than a human, since it's calming, to me (tapping into my dog side could be considered a form of escapism, I suppose). idk.

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