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Thread: Your favorite food as a baby?

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    Default Your favorite food as a baby?

    What was your favorite food(s) (and still is till this day) as a toddler?

    Mine would be a toss up between cheeseburgers and spaghetti with giant meatballs (sometimes substituted for large chunks of sausage) and covered in lots of "Prego" and Parmesan.

    Darn, NOW I'm hungry
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    I used to really like and still do alphabet spaghetti in tomatoe saue lolz

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    For me that's hard to say. Most of my food was made from scratch. There was very little processed foods in those days. It was either fresh or what was home canned. Probably the thing
    I missed most was fresh baked bread with butter after it came out of the oven.

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    If we're talking baby food- peaches. I love peaches.

    Kid food- Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (Kraft Dinner in Canada). I still love it.

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    As a baby, I apparently liked a particular brand of baby-food that had some kind of apple flavor to it. I'm not too sure about it at this point (and I'm not really thinking on asking the parents yet )

    As a kid, it was Edam cheese...then Cheese-straws...then Chocolate orange biscuits (Tescos own brand, which they've stopped doing a couple years ago :'( )

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    I'm going to assume this means when I was little as I don't remember being a baby.

    spaghetti and tomato sauce, sausages and chips and pizza cut up into fingers all make me feel little because I remember loving them as a toddler and shortly after. Vimto also takes me back to feeling small, at my grandparents.

    Funnily enough I was dishing up haggis, neeps and tatties for my dinner a few days ago and it occurred to me how much it looked like baby food. That made me feel little too though I don't remember having it ever as a youngster. I'm also fairly sure I never had the whisky either except as a pain relief coating for my gums maybe...
    It got me wondering if there are other acceptably adult foods that make people feel little and I came up with rice pudding.

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    Let's see...some of my favorites (and still are):

    -bologna and cheese sandwiches
    -spaghetti O's
    -tapioca pudding
    -apple juice
    -chicken and stars soup (when sick)
    -Vernor's ginger ale over crushed ice

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    I would have to say - Hot Dogs and Mac & Cheese are my favorites.

    I also like (old-fashion - real) chocolate milkshakes, cheeseburgers, French fries, chocolate cake...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDenise View Post
    chocolate cake...
    OMG Don't get me started on cake lol. people call me the cake king lol. Not only just because im very good at getting rid of it. (in my tummy lolz )

    im also fairly good at making them myself. My favourite type of cake simply has to be : chocolate fudge cake. annoyingly I cant make this one myself, but I wish I could all the time lol

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    Apple pie ice cream vanilla and whipped cream lots and lots of whipped cream.

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