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Thread: Well Beginnings vs Goodnites..... HELP!

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    Post Well Beginnings vs Goodnites..... HELP!

    I have been getting more in to the training pants. I don't really like diapers so my choices are limited.

    My problem is that my butt is a little on the larger size and had trouble fitting into Goodnites. Has anyone tries both Goodnites and Walgreens brand (Well Beginnings), the ones with My Little Pony on them? If so, which do you prefer? And why?

    Or if neither are good for larger booties, what would you recommend.

    I tried the Silhouettes for women by Depends and love them, but they are just a plain peach. Not much fun.


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    If you have a tough time fitting into Goodnites, it will be tough to fit into the Well Beginnings. The Well Beginnings are pretty good when it comes to absorbancy. I guess you could use the elastic tabs from the Goodnites and use them as extenders to make the MLP trainers fit.

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    Yeah, what Bigrig said. GoodNites are considerably larger than the MLP training pants; they aren't really comparable. If you're popping the elastic on GoodNites, you might give UnderJams a try. They'll ride lower, but they're considerably stretchier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleRory View Post
    I have been getting more in to the training pants. I don't really like diapers so my choices are limited.
    I just posted on this in another thread, but I picked up two pair from, they're cloth training pants. VERY soft, excellent fit, come in double and quadruple layer thicknesses. Expensive though. Maybe something you might want to try.

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    I don't really like super thick. I honestly wear them fora comfort factor, I don't mess them. But I will check them out and see if I would be interested. Thank you guys for your info!

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