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Thread: I wet the bed last night

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    Default I wet the bed last night

    First I need to give alittle back-ground about myself. I'm a DL. I enjoy wearing diapers, and sometimes using them for wettings only. I have no memories of ever wetting the bed, or having any kind of an accident. I have no interest in becoming a bed wetter or being someone that physically needs to wear a diaper.

    For the past couple of weeks, I've been wearing a diaper to bed. I've never really been able to sleep while wearing one. I've been wearing them to try to get used to them. I'm now able to sleep while wearing one. I think it was an excitement thing. It was always too exciting to sleep when I had one on.

    I sleep on my back, and if I ever wake up with the need to "go", I've always gotten out of bed and stood up to go, or turned over on my stomach. I don't like the feeling of having a wet bottom. But when I wet, I go change almost immediately.

    This morning I woke up & had a wet diaper. I have no memory of waking up and needing to go. Or actually going. The diaper was soaked on the back, which means I was still laying on my back when it happened. Something that I wouldn't do, if I was aware of it.

    It was a very weird feeling to wake up and realize that you wet yourself. I have new found respect for those that really do have accidents at night or day. I found it really embarrassing.

    I was curious to see if anyone else has experienced this. I think I might have gotten alittle too comfortable wearing the diapers at night. I think I might need to take a break from it for awhile.

    I'm a rational person, so I don't think that I'm "loosing control". It was probably a combination of factors that lead up to this happening. It's even possible that I woke up for it, and just don't remember.

    But has any other AB / DL's that don't have any IC issues had this happen to them? What were your feelings on it?

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    Huh, that's weird. I'm sure you must have been really tired and your body was so used to going in the diaper. I wouldn't sweat it unless it started to become really bad.

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    I can't wet unless I am awake. Have to turn on my back and consciously relax. It's getting easier for me to let go but I haven't gone in my sleep since I was a toddler.

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    its possible you consciously went and just didn't remember

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    Ypou may have had a dream about going to the bathroom and did in your diaper. If you are a bet wetter like me you get used to waking up in a wet diaper. A wet diaper is better than a wet bed any day. Same goes for wet pants too

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    I've done it several times, though I've woken up in the middle of wetting. It's something I've enjoyed, the feeling being somewhat intense, at least for me. Like you Mattew, I don't want to be incontinent as my wife and I go to our daughter's family's house to visit, staying over night. Still, I do enjoy my diaper wearing.

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    I am a bedwetter and it happens 5 times at least per week. Last night I soaked my diaper and sheets, I wish I would have worn a more absorbant diaper such as a Abena or Molicare or Bambino. I had to wash my sheets and comforter.

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    I'm basically a side sleeper and when I let go a lot of the time I don't feel anything. If I happen to be on my back and let go I feel it right away. It runs down my crack and cheeks and wakes me
    up right away. I wear cloth AIO's and don't have leaks being a side sleeper.

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    Probably a lot of people have experienced a similar event occurring at some point. Bedwetting for me is longer really embarrassing as much as a hassle of changing the bedding and going back to sleep. Generally however you might have went into a bit of a deeper sleep or had a dream where you might have perhaps taken a wee seeing as you were wearing a diaper you might have had a sexually related dream and thus had an "accident". It happens, luckily it didn't ruin your mattress or sheets or anything and was only a soggy diaper

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    I'll wake up sometimes and realize my ATN is wet, but I have no memory of going during the night. I've never been sure if I truly wet the bed or simply woke enough to go. The interesting thing is, I can only go in bed while standing on my knees.

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