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    has anyone tried the Tena Flex Super? ive been looking to try them i was just curious of how the fit and absorbancy is for them.

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    I am not a big fan of the way they fit and feel, however they seem to have adequate absorbancy. I do however recomend the tena stretch super, they are comfy, durable and fairly absorbant. I can get a good 6-8 hours out of them at work (diesel mechanic) and they are stretchy enough you can use them like a pullup if you need to use the toilet.

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    I really like the Tena Flex range, they are absorbent, silent and very easy to put on/take off, and can be fastened and re-fastened as often as you like. Only drawback is the velcro pads on the front are uncomfortable on your skin so make sure they're fully over the waistband. I wear Supers in the daytime and maxis at night or when going to the pub.

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    Quote Originally Posted by downtide View Post
    Only drawback is the velcro pads on the front are uncomfortable on your skin....
    i don't like the 'new' elastication as that causes me a few 'nips'.

    i wear mine back-to-front, btw, to give a bit more padding up front; and i also wear trainer-pants over them as the 'cloth-like' outer tends to wick moisture from out of the pad (as do all 'cloth-likes').

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    Tried the Tena ultra stretch and really liked it. It's not babyish in the least but it holds up well at work and doesn't sag or droop when wet as bad as others do. Hell, I don't even have to wear my canvas belt around the waist to hold it up.

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    Hi 11Garrett,
    The Tena Flex line have plenty of positives, but also some negatives.

    On the positive side, they are very absorbent, and comfortable to wear for several hours. The sides are more open, allowing more breath ability in warmer weather. They are cloth backed also further helping the comfort of wearing in the real world. They can be removed, re-fastened, adjusted, all good.

    The not so positive aspects (in my opinion) include; the cloth backing (I prefer plastic!). The side protection is not as good. Especially for guys, and if pointing up, you will need to be careful if sitting or laying when wetting. They do get quite droopy when well used. The cost in some markets are considerably higher than Tena Slip product (some folk on a budget).

    If you are curious about them, I would say try them. I have some, and wear occasionally. Their slimmer cut allows for sneaky wearing under clothing for out in public, but I never feel as leak-proof in them...


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