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Thread: Best Diaper for me?

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    Default Best Diaper for me?

    Okay, I'm not really sure what would be the best diaper for my situation. I will say discreet shipping is a must.

    I tend to wear 3-4 hours at a time, mostly on weekends
    sometimes I will sleep in them
    I enjoy to use them, both 1 and 2

    What is a good diaper that lasts 3-4 hours and is reasonably affordable? I LOVE Bambinos, have tried them all except bellisimo. I prefer them, just because they feel great, but I never ever use them to full capacity. I've also tried tena slip maxi's and they were okay from what I remember. I will not be using ABU products again.. What would be a good diaper for me to use?

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    I actually did a little digging and decided to give AbriForm L3's a try. Got them from XP Medical, figured 22 dollars for 20 diapers isn't bad at all, especially the way I use them.

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    Abenas and molicares are both great. If you're in the US, XP medical is one of the best online sources. The shipping is discreet (the boxes are plain brown and just say XP on the shipping label).

    If you're only wearing for a few hours, the abena M2 (abenas are labeled 1-4 for absorbency level, the M prefix is medium, substitute in whatever size you are) will probably work well. It's significantly cheaper than an M4, but can still hold up to a single flood wetting just as well as any other diaper (just don't count on it after that). Also worth noting that Abenas in the US are still plastic backed (link us to whatever you decide on if you want to be sure), but can also can be obtained with a cloth backing if that's your preference.

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