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    Default Greetings.. hello

    well Ill start off by stay hello..

    i have been in to diapers for as long as i can remember. i first learned about the ABDL community and since 2005 and started joining serious web sites over the years. i am now join this one as away to further my experiences in life and i share things with people that have a common interest as my own...

    i am more on the DL side of thing then anything but i do own a few AB items.

    I am am in to many different things outside the ABDL world, i love hiking, mt. biking, running, tasting beer/ brewing beer, etc.

    I live in GA but Grew up in NC and i have family in NY. so i travel alot and love to take road trips along with doing other thrill seeking things( sky diving, scuba, etc.)

    if you want to chat or just talk feel free to message me.


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    Welcome! By "Giantsfan" is that New York football or San Francisco Baseball?

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    I kinda figured that. Are the Giants healthy and do you think they're ready to win the Super Bowl again?

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    Welcome to Adisc. I hope you enjoy and benefit from your stay with us here. I hope you take your time to settle in and have a little look around. you will find that are a lot of things that are going on ?

    When I first joined I was overwhelmed by the number of links and such. but with time you will settle in just like the rest of us have hopefully.

    I happened to notice that you said that you like to go Moantain bikeing ? What sort of place do u like to go and go this Moantain bikeing ?

    I own a bike too but for me Moatain bikeing is scary. I have alwas wanted to give it a try, Like many things I have come across in life.

    Once again welcome to Adisc, I hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to adding your knowledge and opinions on our threads and forums.


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    Zipperless : Well we have gotten beat up in the first couple of preseason game, but I think that we will heel up and be pretty strong this year...

    Tennismad: yes I do hope I can find my place here and can help contribute to the topics. I agree it is a bit over whelming at first, not know what to say, or how to say what you want, etc..
    As far as mt. Biking I go to a couple of place around where I live, some are at parks, and other are on people's farm land, people build course ever where. I typical find them by googling mt. Bike trails. ( an list the area your looking in) it's not to scary if you stick to the easy to med level course... I don't do any if the crazy jumps ..

    Thanks for greetings . Hope to talk more.

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