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Thread: Are DLs ABs in denial?

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    Default Are DLs ABs in denial?

    It seems to me that a deep fascination with diapers must be connected to latent regressive desires. I understand the sexual connection particularly as arousal is concentrated in that region and that a complex association develops as a result of wearing. But why choose a diaper initially if there were no deeper, albeit subconscious or latent infantile desire. I think that ABs have probably just been more successful at processing these connections (irrespective of a rationale behind the psychological desire, which remains a mystery to most) So, am i right in supposing that those who identify as pure DL are either unaware, in denial, or simply yet to discover their inner AB?

    BTW I didn't search... So sorry if this is discussed elsewhere.

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    << Sound of a huge can of worms being opened >>

    Seriously, though, if a feeling is "subconscious or latent," how could one possibly know if it exists? Thus how could anyone realistically answer this question?

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    While this is possible, I really doubt it. I identify as ABDL, so I'm certainly not afraid of that connection. However, I have no trouble believing that in the richness of human experience, there can be multiple reasons for behaviors that appear similar, and sometimes a diaper is just a diaper.

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    I guess if someone were IC and wore 24/7 as a child then during puberty found the experience arousing, that could be different. But why be drawn otherwise to an object (IC excepted) which is so particularly infantile? I'm simply curious, not in any way trying to arouse tension.

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    I definitely feel I migrated from DL to AB but that's just my experience. I also feel like some days I want to be little and other days I just want to be pervy. There's always a slight element of both no matter which end of the spectrum I am on at the moment. Some days when I am eroticising things more, there's still a childish element involved, like, I'm not supposed to be doing this, and that gives me a thrill. On the other hand, when I am regressing and little, and I feel close to someone who is comforting me, or I take great comfort in being padded or toddlered out in my clothing, it can still be arousing to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    a diaper is just a diaper.
    or something little toddlers or babies need to stop them leaking all over the floor lol

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    aside from being Dl, I do not identify as AB. However I do identify as Babyfur/Diaperfur. whenever I am regressed, I am always in cub mode. I do have a paci and bottle, but don't use them very often as I see myself as more of a toddler age. i also am not one for dressing up, though I do like to wear my fursuit around the house sometimes, and miss having my leopard footie pajamas

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    I identify as a dl and don't believe I am repressing any infantile desires. I have in fact indulged partners by role playing an infant, but it does not excite me at all. In fact it removes my enjoyment of the diapers. I can remember being fascinated by diapers from about the age of 8 or 9, but the fascination did not extend to diapers worn by babies or toddlers only by others my own age.

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    I probably relate more to being AB as against DL, which then has a leaning to LG, I don't know why, I do know that my mother didn't have much time for me as a child, that my father was my best friend, and looked after me 'better'. I don't believe I'm in denial, I do like my diapers, and I love my lifestyle. Does that all make sense??

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    Although I identify myself as a DL I wear for more than sexual needs, that doesn't mean I have any latent AB tendencies. I don't remember being a child or a teenager, hell, I don't remember much beyond the last year or two but I still spend some of my time padded because it for some reason gives me comfort. Does this mean I'm an AB in denial ?

    I have no interest in any of the trappings that so many find fascinating and I have no remembrance of sucking a thumb, potty training, toys, prams, teddies or any other childhood connections. This doesn't mean I don't get why people like these things but I personally have no affinity with any of it.

    You know what, I wonder if I'm a bad example, I can't be the typical average person to make any comment about ABDL. I don't have the connection that most seem to have with their childhood and I still don't understand why I find comfort in this fetish/past-time. If one day I find myself in a situation that allows me to regress then I hope I can do it justice but until then I'm happy as I am.

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